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Traffic Building Tips

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and unless you continue to find ways to bring traffic to your web site it could eventually die. Traffic building tips are crucial to keep the flow of hungry customers coming to your web site. Let’s look at some great tips that will help you get more traffic in no time. One of the simplest, but many people tend to forget to do this and that is submit the web site to the various search engines. It’s simple and most of the time it’s free with all the major ones. Submitting to directories are another good idea as they will bring you traffic too just on a much slower scale, but you still want to use them. Commenting on guest books and blogs are another way that will get you traffic to your site. People do read the comments and they will check your web site out.

Forums are probably one of the best ways to drive traffic is through these. The more time you spend in forums posting and helping other people out will in turn garner you even more traffic. Don’t underestimate the power of forums. Many people swear by them as a vital way to generate traffic. Blogs are all the rage and that isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. In fact you will see more and more blogs introduce year after year. Why not jump on the bandwagon and drive more traffic through your blog to your web site. Safe lists are another way many people are using to generate traffic to their web site. Some will tell you they are a waste while others love them. It all depends on how you use them.

Traffic exchanges are probably one of the most popular ways to garner more traffic. Today’s traffic exchanges have changed a lot and you can drive thousands to your web sites by looking at other people’s web sites. With all the traffic exchanges out their you will find something that interests you no matter what you like. One of my personal favorites are solo ads. Solo ads are ads that are sent and your ad is the only one people receive. This gives you traffic because your not competing against other web sites or offers. People tend to like this idea and have very good success with it. One of the hottest new traffic generating methods is Paid To Click web sites. These are web sites that pay people to click on links and get paid for it. The links contain web sites that they must visit usually for 30 seconds. This means your web site will be seen by many people for a very small price. Their seems to be many of these popping up daily.

There are many different ways to get traffic to your web sites and these all work well. If you use all these at once then you should have no problem getting tons of traffic to your web sites. Traffic takes time to build so take your time and getting traffic won’t be one of them.

How to bring traffic to your site – Search Engines

How to bring traffic to your site – Search Engines Part 3

Now that you know how to be a search engine friendly site, all you need to know now is where to send your listings. Basically, the most powerful search engine to be listed in is google. But before being listed here, you need to prove to them that you are a worthwhile site.

So here is a list of what your site should be before sending it to Google; consider this as an application requirement that you usually find in job applications.

Google is a fully automated search engine that employs robots known as “spiders” to crawl the web and find sites for inclusion in the Google index.

Since this process doesn’t involve human editors, it’s NOT necessary to submit your site to Google in order to be included in their index. In fact, the vast majority of sites listed aren’t manually submitted for inclusion.

Use your top keywords, particularly the ones used in your title towards the top of the page. Continue to use these keywords throughout the page, in your link text, and in your URLs, but don’t overdo it.

Use your top keywords throughout your site to help build the “theme” of your site. Google does not use keyword “tags,” although a couple search engines still use them, so use them anyway on some pages. Link farms do not work and may get you banned.

Have content: Following the tips above, but only having a sentence or two on your site will not get you good listings. Content does not mean something too short or too long, but rather a site that is full of ideas. When writing content, make sure to balance things out by writing for your readers and the search engine as well.

The best way to ensure that Google finds your site is to have pages on other relevant sites link to yours. Google’s robots jump from page to page on the web via hyperlinks, so the more sites that link to your pages; the more likely it is that they’ll find them quickly.

The next search engine that you should be listed on is Yahoo! Basically, Yahoo has been a large site over the past few years. It has become a marketing station just like Google and is visited by millions of people everyday. So it’s reasonable to assume that an advertisement on Yahoos main page will generate a large amount of traffic to your site.

So what are the chances that your site can be listed in Yahoo? Just like Google, this site also has certain requirements in order to be listed in their listings.

Basically, you can just pay for a certain listing space in Yahoo for $299, but if you are lacking money yet need that outmost exposure, then just stick with free submissions.

Yahoo is selective in their indexing. To get into Yahoo you must make the cut and it is tough to get a listing. Do not mess with Yahoo; follow their procedures and rules strictly.

The people at Yahoo value their reputation as providers of high-quality, relevant websites. Real, live people evaluate every submission. Yahoo doesn’t want to degrade their product by including poor sites.

So if you have a poorly written, badly constructed, or crassly commercial site, don’t bother. Only a quarter of all sites submitted to Yahoo ever make it in.

So to pass into Yahoo’s search engine, your site should be substantial. If you have a single page site, then dont even dream of being in Yahoos search listings.

Your site should have value, good content, and a unique product that is well-presented. Your site should be clean and fast loading. It should show a professional and polished layout, with a solidly-designed look and feel.

A good site should be easy to use and should include an easy-to-read navigation system. It should contain good grammar and spelling and should have its own domain. Even though this is not essential, having your own domain helps a lot.

If you are not listed within two weeks, re-submit. Odds are that the Yahoo editors just didn’t get around to your site. Keep submitting every two weeks. There’s no penalty for this.

After eight weeks with no listing, check your log files and see if you had any visits from “add.yahoo.com,” their spider that checks to validate the URL. If you aren’t listed within a few weeks, you were probably rejected. This would be the chance to reevaluate your site and make some more improvements.

How to bring traffic to your site

When people like what you do, they are happy to say good things about you. I’m sure you know that getting written or recorded testimonials for your products or services is an excellent way to build your credibility.

Sending and recording testimonials is one of the greatest ways of establishing trust with your potential customers. It is a way of showing them what your satisfied customers say about your products and services.

But did you know that testimonials can help increase your website?

Giving testimonials is not only a good way of brand building yourself, but also in getting traffic to your site. They are actually a unique and practical way of gaining visitors to your site. In most cases, you can find them in sales letters, sales text, email, etc. They can be placed on the product sales page that has lots of visitors.

When a potential consumer is considering whether to buy or not, testimonials may reassure him.

Basically, testimonials are a valuable addition to your marketing materials and your website. When done right, testimonials can be a strong ally in establishing the credibility of your website. Not only that, they often make the sale all by themselves. Therefore, you will have a greater chance of boosting your profits.

So, how will you make your testimonial a hit to your potential consumers?

No webmaster, no matter how successful, can resist an honest, glowing tribute to their creation. The trick is to write short, flattering testimonials for the content, design, functions, products, services, etc. of many web sites and send it to them as sincere “feedback. Testimonials also assure the consumers whether to buy a product or not, so make sure that they absolutely get published.

Here are some of the basic things to consider in making a credible testimonial.

1. Photos
Photos add credibility. These can help prove that these are real people. So, ask those people for photos. If they dont have a scanned picture, they can send a softcopy by email.

2. E-signatures
Generally, almost all online testimonials you see have text signatures. You could have people mail their written signature, scan it, and upload it with their testimonial. In this way, people will feel the testimonial is more official.

3. Profiles
The basic part of a testimonial is the profile. Ask your potential costumers to include a brief profile of themselves with their testimonial. Let them answer some basic questions like age, occupation, hobbies, favorite motto, etc. This will make your testimonials more entertaining to read. And, more chance of knowing you.

Testimonials are not only expressed through writings, but also verbally. One thing you can do is record people’s testimonials with a mini tape recorder over the phone, on your answering machine, or voice mail. With each one, include a phone number they can call to hear the actual testimonial. You can record online audio and online videos as well. Just convert the recording into an online audio file and upload it to your website. You can do some research on how to convert these files.

When you get e-mail testimonials, publish the entire e-mail message instead of just the contents about the product or service. It will be more believable because it will include the date, time, subject, who it’s from, and who it’s to.

Like, email signatures you can also mail hand written letters. Scan and upload the entire written testimonial or letter to your web site. This will give your testimonials a feel of realism.

When you get testimonials from people, it is better to ask them if they are willing to include their contact information under the testimonial. In this way, you will allow your potential customers to ask your current customers questions about your product or service before they buy.

Also, if they’re speaking on behalf of a business, include the business name. Mention if they have any professional certifications or titles that would enhance their authority.

Those are some of the relevant things to consider in making a testimonial. Keep in mind that testimonials will help pave your way to a successful business. It really is worth the effort. So start collecting your own now!

How to bring traffic to your site

In today’s online marketing strategy, almost all who promote business have a killer email signature on the bottom. So whats in an email signature? And how does it drive traffic to the website you are promoting?

An email signature is like a mini ad that is affixed to the bottom of an email. Its message could be as simple as your name and email or as elaborate as flashing animated graphics. And with a just few mouse clicks, you can add your signature to the bottom of your emails automatically.

Generally, an email signature is a free marketing tool, with the power to reach a large number of people.

To the individual, the email signature is a chance to be creative or make a political or social statement. To a business person, an email signature is a great opportunity to advertise your business to everyone who views your email. While advertising is often banned in mailing lists and newsgroups, email signatures are not. Just post a message followed by your worded signature.

Using email signatures costs nothing and takes virtually no time to set up. Even so, a lot of popular web marketers believe that it is one of the great ways to promote your site.

Like to know more? I hope so!

Email signatures work every time you reply to or forward any email message; the more times the email is sent or forwarded, the more times the signature is shown. Say, the second person forwards that email to his/her own circle of friends, and then each person forwards the email again and again. Your email signature linked to your website will be shown to people you dont even know, absolutely free! So it only takes a few steps to spread and showcase your website.

Another good thing is that it is not SPAM. This is just a circle of friends forwarding emails to each other. But be sure you use the right email signature so that youll gain potential customers from the list of friends.

Business contacts should always have easy access to your website. Not everyone can easily memorize such a website. Its a big mistake if you use a free sub domain in your signature as there is a great chance that people will not remember the whole website address. And that is useless. So it is important that you have a direct referral page URL in your email. Another good tip is to always set up a default email signature to be included in your emails once you use them.

So how can you make your email signature recognizable?

Your goal here is to encourage people to click to the link in your email signature. Remember that an email signature is an advertisement, and therefore, the basic guidelines for writing advertisements apply. To get the most mileage out of your email signature, here are some vital things to keep in mind.

1. Keep it simple, yet direct to the point. Most email systems and mailing lists will automatically cut off any signature exceeding 4-6 lines, so keep it below this length. It’s also a good idea to set your line lengths to about 60 characters — the optimal length for readability.

2. It should attract the people. Your email signature must be creatively done. Make use of borders of text or special characters.

3. Include the name of your business and a short, concise marketing statement.

4. Sell benefits, not features. Consumers will be more interested in the benefits they will receive from the products rather than its features.

5. Offer something free. An example of this is giving free information, a free-to-enter contest, free samples, etc. Your free report can contain other advertising material, but make sure that it does include free information so your customers won’t feel like they have been exploited.

6. Avoid using HTML coding in the signature. Many persons do not or cannot view HTML email. If you send plain text email, you are sure that everyone will be able to view it properly. Take into consideration different ways wherein your email signature will be recognized by the potential customers.

Thats all it takes to make your email signature stand out. So, better try it! – don’t miss out on using this free, easy advertising method to get more traffic to your website!

How to bring traffic to your site

So, you have already planned an online business, built a web site, and now you are waiting for the traffic.

Don’t wait, as it may not come as fast as you would like. You need to take action now. All you need is an activity that will get people to come back and visit your site.

For sure, a lot of your customers may be looking for the type of product or service that you offer. So, how will you attract those buyers who are not yet familiar with your site and those who you want to have come back again?

How will you gain visitors and drive traffic to your site?

One answer is to run a contest. And not just an old contest. It must be crafted to keep them coming back to your site. Lots of clever people will say that running a contest will help, but they wont give you tips on how to do it.

Benefits of holding a contest

One of the biggest benefits of running a contest is traffic. A contest can help you increase traffic to your site. Studies show that a contest, if held during a full month, can gain 500-5000 visitors and more. So, imagine that opportunity!

Your potential consumers may even tell their friends about your site and its also a chance to boost your sales.

Some affiliate programs online may also be curious of the number of visitors and page views you have. And one way to increase this is to run a contest.

Contests also help if you plan to sell ad space on your site.

Generally, if you write a monthly or weekly newsletter, running a contest and asking those who enter if they want to subscribe to your newsletter will usually result in about 1/3 of them signing up.

And lastly, those who have a business but dont have a website can also benefit from a contest. The types and rules might be different, but running a contest would get you noticed and get people to come to your site again and again.

Steps to consider in holding a contest

Step 1: Determine your goal
The first thing you should do is to decide what goal you want to achieve. Choose whether your main objective is just to get people to visit your site, drive traffic to your site, get subscribers, or make a sale. Have you goal set and keep that in mind.

Step 2: The theme of the contest

Next is to decide what theme to have. The theme must be dependent on the type of business you have and the holiday seasons. All themes are good, but focus on something that will benefit visitors of all ages. Think about the types of people you want to attract to your business.

Step 3: Find Sponsors

Now with a goal and a theme, you need to find sponsors. This is said to be the hardest part of starting and running a contest.
The target sponsors are sometimes business owners. They are the ones who willingly donate the prizes.

If you belong to a business group, you can ask them if they would be interested in donating a prize to your contest in exchange for something valuable like exposures on ads.

You must give your sponsors credit for the donation so they too can benefit from the visitors. You can also run a contest and just purchase the item yourself to give away, or use your own products.

Step 4: The Kind of Contest
You should also be thinking of what kind of contest you want to run. Be creative in choosing one. Make sure that your visitors will participate and enjoy the contest.

Do you want it to be a puzzle, or a sort of scavenger hunt?

Maybe you want them to fill out a survey and in return, their names will be raffled for a prize.

You can also run the contest and ask for feedback about your site or ask them to create a poem or an ad related to the theme. This all depends on what your goals are.

Step 5: Set up the contest on your website

Now is the time to set up the contest on your site. You or your web designer needs to make a page, design a logo if necessary, and set up the page to suit your needs and tastes.
Again, be creative in choosing the proper layout. You have to include the list of sponsors, prizes, and the set of rules.

Step 6: Promoting your contest

You need to promote the contest so people know you’re there and are offering free prizes!
Think of the many ways in which you can list your contest on the different sites.

There are many sites on the Internet that will list your contest on their contest site in exchange for placing their banner/link on your contest page. Most are free, but require a link back to their site.

If you do not know how to do this or do not have the time, then hire a company to do it for you.

Step 7: Picking a winner

One easy way to pick a winner is through random selection. You can just pick an email. Ask a representative to do the selection.
You do not have to purchase some fancy software to do it for you, as long as you are fair and honest. Dont forget to remind the contestants that the winner/s will be randomly chosen.

Now, the contest is over. You can evaluate how far it helped in generating traffic to your site. If the contest went well, think of something that you can run in the succeeding months.

How to bring traffic to your site – Articles -

How to bring traffic to your site – Articles – Part 2

That one thing all the webmasters call for is traffic to their website, without it your site will mean nothing, but all too frequently webmaster contemplates on all further expects of managing their site and the definite promotion of the site takes a back seat.

There are several ways to promote a website, some are offered free, some reasonably priced and some very expensive. One technique is to “buy” your visitors, but certainly not just any visitors will do, it’s no superior people looking for despicable flights considering your snowboarding site as it’s just not applicable to them.

It doesn’t matter anyway if you have the best things in the world and you’re generously giving them away at no cost, if no one is considering your site, then you wont have to give any away, and dont think of selling one.

For traffic to be efficient it definitely needs to be “targeted”. People who are searching for your product or service at this moment when they are ready buy, but how does this work for both of you?

How will the companies know that supplying this traffic is “targeted”, well what they accomplish is to buy up lots of terminated domains. And these domains are no longer run by the webmaster for several reasons, and that they may have already lost interest with it, they may have soon elapsed to renovate their domain name which happens at all the time, there are several reasons, on the other hand these domain are still registered in those search engines and they still receive significant traffic for their site.

After the traffic companies purchase the elapsed domains, this traffic points directly to your website. Say for example, a person goes to Google and types in a keyword and gets a directory of results, they then will click on the links in the results to discover what they are searching for, if they click on a list for a domain name that does not exist anymore but has been purchased by the traffic company that click will then be redirected to one of their customer websites that relates to the keyword that has been searched.

It is from the surfers idea this is faultless and they will end up on a website that relates to what they were looking for, the webmaster who purchased the “targeted” traffic gets a visitor or a customer who is attracted in his products and when the visitor finds what he has been looking for, then everyone wins.

Search engine optimization is easy to understand. You dont need be a mathematical wizard in order to get the basic idea of the online business. You just need to have some analyzing and observational skills and some important decisions.

The good thing is that even if you tried everything yet fail, you can still regain everything you have lost by recovering your keywords or links. We may consider website optimization as the art of science that builds web pages to provide the people with the most elegant answers to all their questions.

If a user wants to find out answers to her question, the web site is the ultimate option to provide the best answers. As a web site manager, you have the responsibility to provide the latest and most accurate answers to all their questions.

There are ways to trick it but if you want to stay long in the business, you must come up with solid procedures in order to stay longer in the field.

Traffic For Website helps you understand your customers needs and requirements in order to have a clear picture of it. It has sure ways on how to give you more focus on the desired target you want. So that people will love your site, you need to present it properly. You need to show the people that your site is worth visiting for.

Use the right and related keywords so that searching will never be difficult. Use words and keywords easily. Keep it as relevant as possible to your theme. Traffic For Website will help you have that ultimate search and stay on top of the search engines like you have never had before.