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The dummies’ guide on how to build a simple webpage

The dummies’ guide on how to build a simple webpage in 30 minutes

You’re here because you want to build a website, right? I’m a web designer, and if you were to hire me, I would charge you anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 to build a web site. But this article is about how to make a website for far less. But why would I tell you how you can make websites for less?

If you’re like the vast majority of people who are thinking of building a website, you don’t have a big budget. That alone disqualifies you as a prospect of mine. But a small budget can still buy you a good web site provided you throw other ingredients into the mix as well. Let’s look at all the options together.

There are several ways to make a website, but all of them cost either time or money or both. Don’t worry though; there are ways to find the proper balance between them so keep reading.

You can either hire a professional designer to create a site for you or build the site on your own and never depend on other people for making websites.

Professional web site design services are outrageously expensive these days. There are, however, cheaper designers out there, but the quality of their work is questionable at best. You can avoid paying a fortune to make a website if you are willing to give it a try yourself. It may seem complicated at first, but it really isn’t.

Here are the easy tips to get you started.

Take the quick and easy route

Use a builder to create a web site from scratch.

Now, as a professional designer myself, I wouldn’t touch a site builder with a barge, but then again, not all site builders are the same. It took me years to learn all I know about building websites, but you may not have that luxury. For someone just starting out, getting all the help you can get is very important. So what you need are online website builders. You can have your hands on them easily.

There are several types of website builders:

Online Website Builders

There are tens of thousands of online site builders out there and all come packed with various features. Some of the ones I’ve come across are all-in-one web site builders that give you hosting, a domain name, and every other tool under the sun.

But there are lots of things you will notice if you try to compare most of them.

You can’t complain about free website builders because they’re free, but some of the commercial site makers I’ve seen would make you cringe.

They are complicated to use, redundant, most are not built to give a website a fighting chance, and are ultimately useless. Learning how to make a website with such a builder is frankly frustrating and not worth the trouble.

There are many commercial website makers out there that are half-way decent. But first, let’s look at why you would pay for a builder to make a website.

If you need to create a simple website for your family and friends, then I suggest you look at free options such as creating a blog. However, if you plan to sell your products online or attract people to a web site about something you feel passionate about and make it wildly popular, then it’s important to look at a website builder that can really help you achieve your goals.

There are only a handful of online website builders out there created by people who understand the universal truth about making a website successful, popular, or profitable. The other site makers just build websites that take up space.

Try to use software that easily creates websites in just a few minutes. In Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage, tools to create websites are already available. All you need is to drag and drop and your webpage is done.

Period. You dont really want to make a website that’s forgotten about as quickly as it was made.

New & Creative ways to create an income / Buy

New & Creative ways to create an income / Buy private rights

The Internet is all about information and automation. Internet users want information and they want it right now. Are you looking for new and creative ways to create an income?

Would you believe there are tens of thousands of people who have found ways to make money online? Not only that, but their incomes are significant and growing, due to little competition and low cost of entry.

Buying inexpensive hosting, making a few changes to a couple of files like putting your name on it and uploading the files, or renaming the product with any name you want and selling it. When you have the source code, you own the product. You can earn a great income selling products as your own.

However, you must pay close attention to what rights you have and what you’re allowed to do with each product. They do spell it out for you; you just need to pay attention and you can literally begin making money right away.

There are many ways you can become successful with your own products. Included here are some ideas and tips to help you.

Read the e-books and use the software programs and scripts yourself. These products are professionally created by experienced website owners who share their Internet marketing exploits.

Set up websites and resell your new products. They should be related to your target audience. You want to be able to take credit cards on your site and deliver your product to them as fast as possible. You can start a new Internet marketing business in much less than a day.

Sell Reprint or Resale Rights to your new products. You can sell resale rights of the products you created. Include your website links to the products and let the resellers promote your website while they’re reselling your products.

Sell Limited or Unlimited Master Reprint or Resale Rights. You can also sell master resell rights of the products. This means master resellers can sell the resell rights to your products and this can brand your name fast and easily on the Internet.

Sell Private Label or Re-branding Rights. If you like, you can also sell private label rights just like I am doing. This is another great way to profit if your target customers are other business owners!

Learn sales ideas from reading and studying other businesses’ advertising and marketing material. It could be ads, brochures, TV ads, sales letters, etc. For example, if you see an attention-getting headline, rewrite it, but don’t copy it for your own product. Another example: if you seen an ad with a persuasive before and after picture, maybe you could do that for your own product.

Allow people to use any of your freebies as free bonuses for products or services they sell. Include your ad in all of your freebies. Some people only give away freebies in order to allow other people the right to give them away. You could also give them the right to include a freebie with their own product as a bonus.

Purchase reprint rights to other people’s e-books and combine them in a large package deal with your own product. You should check with the reprint rights owners to see if they will allow it first. If you can’t afford to buy reprint rights, you could always trade for them.

Customize the source code. Customize the source code to build your own unique software or script. You can finally have your very own software and script that no one else has.

Rewrite the e-Books. Look at the way your draft reads now and see if it fits your style of writing, your personality, and your business. Add or remove content from the draft ebook provided, use the draft to create email courses, articles, content in your ezines and sales letters – just be a little more creative and you can have your very own unique content easily. Your ebook should be well-organized and enable your readers to easily locate important information.

Some limitations in buying private rights. Actually, you can freely do whatever you want using these private label resale rights products. You keep 100% profit from what you make using these products. The only limitation is you cannot bundle more than 3 products in any package or membership site.

One thing we’re not finding much of is anyone giving this kind of stuff away, especially if they’re quality products. Having these tips in mind will let you become successful with your own products.