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Website Usability Can Hurt your Internet Marketing Progress

Research has shown that your website usability many times will affect how well you do with sales and keeping customers coming back. Most people think that putting up a website and adding a few different things will make them a success. It does not work that way. In fact, the usability of your website can make or break your business and there is no doubt about that. Nobody wants to try and navigate around a site that is hard to find things. Most people will leave and never come back. Follow some of these tips listed below and you should see better conversion results from your traffic.

First, you need to know the things that make people want to come back to your site. Easy navigation is the number one thing that people look for when they visit. In fact, more than two thirds of the people claim that is their reason for return visits. If you have downloads on your website, you better make sure they download fast or you will lose customers. Updating your site often is another thing that you must do to keep them coming back. You will not get repeat customers if you let your site grow stagnant.

Another thing you need to look at is the quantity and quality of your content. Most people tell you they have this next one, but more than 40 percent of the people will tell you that customer service is very important to them. In other words, the basic things that you would want when you visit a website is what you need to also have on yours. Now, look at things to help you keep those customers coming back.

One thing that many webmasters forget to do is become familiar with the visitors that come to the website. Many times, businesses take the traffic to their websites for granted. The more you know about your visitors, the better you will be able to cater the content around them. Remember the KISS system that you were taught in school. This simply means, keep it simple stupid and it still works with websites today. Also, make sure that it is easy to read as well. No one wants to try and figure out every word of your text. Let your visitors have a place to give their feedback on issues within your site. People like giving their opinions on various subjects and there is no better place to do it than your website.

Test and test some more is a forgotten tip that some new marketers neglect to do. This means that you need to visit your own site as if you were a customer and see what you like and dislike about the site. See how long it takes to load and other factors that your visitors will see. This will let you see exactly what others see. It will help you make your site better and more user-friendly. That way, it will eventually lead to more sales.

Website Traffic: Making it Worth the Drive

Have you ever taken a long trip and once you got where you were going, instantly forgot about all the discomfort associated with your journey because “it was worth the trip?” You forgot about the heat or the cold, cranky kids, impossible traffic, and the lousy food because you were just so glad to be where you were going. Now, I’m not going to try to tell you that the people that go to your website have made a long trip, unless of course, they have a slow connection, but the principle is the same. If you don’t make it “worth the trip,” they’ll leave and they won’t come back.

We spend a lot of money, time, and energy on search engine optimization to make sure we are driving traffic to our websites. However, SEO can only do so much. Unless your site exists merely for the purpose of generating visitors as opposed to customers, you’ve got to offer them something compelling once they get there. There’s one thing you can count on and that’s competition. If visitors don’t like what they see at your site, they know they’ll be able to find what they’re looking for down the Internet street.

Take a few moments to think about your favorite sites. Why are they your favorites? What do they offer? If they are like most successful sites, whatever they offer, they offer it “fast” “fresh,” and “hot,” because, in most instances, that’s what people are looking for. It’s because we’re all spoiled rotten, of course. We want it now, we want it to be easy to get, and we want it to do what it promises.

If we’re looking for information, for example, we want to be able to find it quickly and we want it to be well-written. It must be up-to-date and factual also. If your site is peppered with grammatical and spelling errors, people who can’t spell any better than you can will take a hike. Why? Because, like most of us, they’ll assume if you couldn’t make the time and effort to present an attractive site, that whatever else you’re offering must be second-rate also. It’s just common sense and good business. Dust off your shelves and make your wares shine.

If your site has products for sale, have you listed all the specifications and presented a clear picture? Can I tell exactly what I’m getting, how much the shipping will cost, and how long it will take to arrive? If you’re selling furniture, for example, have you clearly spelled out your delivery methods? Don’t promise delivery without telling me “delivery” means curbside delivery only. While customers sometimes get disappointed because they don’t read the fine print or even the not-so-fine print, don’t complicate things by being less than candid. It’s crucial if you expect to obtain repeat, revenue-generating customers.

Make it worth the trip. Make sure your customers are glad they found your site and have a good time while they are there. They’ll remain customers and best of all, they’ll remain your customers.

Succeeding with Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one way that you can bring quick traffic and quick profit to your website. On the other hand, though, you can also waste thousands of dollars in using this type of marketing if you do not know how it works. Success stories and just as many horror stories dot the Internet about these campaigns. Here are some quick tips to help you better understand this medium and get the most from it.

Most people start with this medium as their first experience with an ad campaign. The biggest problem is most people do not understand the steps to run a profitable campaign. One of the first things you need to do is check out the competition. The easiest way is going to the keywords you are planning on using and check out what ads they are running. On the right-hand side, you will see sponsored ads. These are Adwords that people are paying for. If you see a bunch of them, usually that keyword is profitable and you will want to be a part of it, however, realize that the more competition you have, the more you may have to pay to get your ad listed at the top.

The first thing you need to do is set up a Google Adword account. The process is really straightforward and simple. Your normal information is asked for and you will have to deposit a certain amount in the account. The one advantage of Adwords is you control what you spend and how much per click you’re going to pay. The higher the click payout, the higher your ad will usually be positioned.

Tracking is one of the keys when you use Google Adwords. You want to see where your clicks are coming from so you can put more advertising dollars in that area.

When you are composing your ad, you should see what others are doing. The key to your ad is your headline. You want to make it believable and also clickable. The best part about Google Adwords is that most people who click the ads are interested in the product. This is the main reason they click on your ad. Your headline needs to be great.

You will have many tools that include targeting certain age groups and countries. This means you can see which demographics work best with what you are selling. The other thing to remember is the keyword is very critical to your success. In fact, in many instances, it can make or break your advertising campaign. You will need to study keyword usage very heavily.

Google Adwords are a tough medium to advertise with, but once you get used to it, you can really turn a profit. The key is to start small and learn from your mistakes. When you turn a little profit, reinvest it and in no time you will be an Adword expert. Use all the tools that Google Adwords provide, as they will make it much easier to be a success. There are many pitfalls to this type of advertising, but if done right it is your best option to a quick start for an Internet business.

Social Networks and You

One of the hottest things right now in the Internet marketing world is a social network. Some of the bigger names are MySpace and FaceBook. These are fast becoming places where more and more people are turning for their Internet marketing endeavors. Why Plain and simple–traffic. These social networks have a very big traffic base and many members may be interested in what you are selling. The more people that you can reach, the better chance you have to sell your products. Marketing, though to these social networks, is not easy and must be handled in the right way or you will be banned instantly.

One of the easiest steps is to become a member of these social networks and interact with the people of the network. Just don’t jump in with the idea of sell, sell, sell first or you will be banned so quickly your head may spin. Secondly, make sure you join plenty of groups and talk with others and update your page often. The more pages you visit, the more people will come to you. Make friends along the way, as they will in turn help you out more than you thought possible. Friends tell other friends about you and thus, traffic comes your way. Slowly ease into selling your business or product. You will find out with social networking the hard sell never works and always backfires very quickly.

Social networks can’t be ignored any more, as the possibilities are virtually endless at what they can do for your business. It could take years to drive the traffic that is possible to get there. Many times people don’t realize the goldmines that these are. As more people do, they will find out that social marketing can be very profitable if you go about it the right way. If you do not, it can be a waste of your time. It depends on which way you go about it. This will determine what degrees of success you will have. Starting your own group is one smart way to go. This way, as other people join, you can slowly tell them about what you have to sell once you build their trust.

Trust is a very big factor when talking about social networking, so don’t overlook this important aspect of marketing. When someone trusts you, they are more likely to believe what you have to say than if you are not trustworthy. The key to social networks is to take your time and don’t rush into selling mode. Building trust and contacts through social networks can be done, but must be done slowly if it’s going to last. Once you start to see some success, you can then add other ways to grow that success. Just remember to build trust and you will be fine. People from social networks are just everyday people and they are receptive to new ideas as long as it’s not shoved down their throats.


Together Project


New & Creative ways to create an income / Interviewing subscribers

The main subject on how to create income is by interviewing subscribers. This article will show you how and this newsletter will show you “how to make money on the Net.”

Yes, I am one of the people crazy enough to choose that topic – the most intricate subject one could deal with is Internet Marketing. I was crazy enough to gamble with myself and win the challenge. See what I have done so far to increase my business profit, which has worked.

But I was endlessly thinking about all the thousands of people who are reading the newsletter. What are their hopes, fears, secrets, successes, and why did they decide to pursue making money online. What should they do to win this “Internet Marketing” game?

Questions have kept coming and I finally compiled all the questions into a list. Here is a list of 17 questions proposed by subscribers.

In order to generate income, I wanted to know…

– How did you find out what you could sell online?
– What made you deal with the online market?
– Who inspired you and why?
– Who are you?
– What products have you created so far?
– How long did you think earning an online income was impossible and what made you change your mind?
– Please give your suggestions for the following services that you have ALREADY used:
-a domain name registrar
-a hosting service
– What were the first and/or worst difficulties you faced in building your online business?
– Name 3 of the BEST products or services you’ve bought so far.
– What are the tools youre using (software and/or services) that you can’t live without?
– What are your thoughts on affiliate marketing? Are you satisfied with your sales as an affiliate?

I also sought to know THE BEST methods an important person could use to attract sales and subscribers… Not by buying leads… Not by spamming people… Not by waiting some years to create a list… I was looking for suggestions that could bring INSTANT results… So, next questions were:

“Do you want to know a secret? There is no secret…”

Is this true? Next question:

– Up to this point, what is the best tactic youve used to attract subscribers to your ezine?
– What would you tell new people who want to make money on the Internet?
– Up to this point, what is the best tactic youve used to get the most sales either as an affiliate or as the owner of a product?
– Feel free to add your comments for the readers of this ebook.
-Describe 1 software application for your computer OR a script you use on your server OR an ebook you’d like to read that you have never found available online.

And I wanted to find out what were the BEST RESOURCES available online today by the very best targeted market: the BUYERS!

The Together Project is the most unlikely source of knowledge.

Taking a cue from Einstein, I am proud to say that I have found a new source for discovering proven and useful information about online marketing.

I received 28 submissions for the Together Project. The responses were as diverse as the people who sent them, like:

– A University network technician from Sweden…
– A Software Project Manager with an IT MBA from India…
– An ezine editor from a remote village in India…
– The Wealth Seminars Coordinator from Singapore…
– A blind student from Israel…
– A medical doctor from Egypt…
– A Dutchman who makes money with board games…
– A stay-at-home mom with her own online business…
– A former IT Support Engineer from the United Kingdom…
– A former magician who is a licensed mechanic, Microsoft Engineer, and cosmetologist…
– A 60 year old medical assistant from Delaware…

Everybody nowadays talks about affiliate marketing – is it because it’s “where the money is today?” And how well affiliate marketing stands today of the many contributors from all over the Globe, isn’t the mindset and knowledge of at least one of them related to people in your own niche or list? Where else can you find a ready-made list of hard-won success secrets? Are you hungry for an article or an ebook idea? Find one in here! Looking for motivation for yourself or your list? Youve found it!

Note you can use this article in order to ptomote

Note you can use this article in order to ptomote
Rebecca Hagel’s Missing Link

New & Creative ways to create an income/ How you can sell your experience

You dont need a degree, long sales letters to write, or any hype, but just building good strategies that can promote wealth. Of course, you dont want to read an additional long sales letter and it doesn’t mean you have to write one either. It is time to cut to the chase.

If you need a guide to create new ways, you can read the book “Missing Link.” This is a famous ebook that teaches you the proper way to build a beneficial and profitable mailing list. This has outdated building techniques that you should prevent and avoid. This will show you tips on how to make money with the use of your present list and website.

It is refreshing to know that you can read through a lot of useful pages that can help you create ways and come up with clear ideas on how to increase your profit easily. In this book, you can find a way to instantly build up a mailing list of the people who can benefit from your products.

In order to come up with creative ways to effectively make your income, you must take note of the following:

You should be able to tell people whats new and whats hot in your business. In order to become well-known and bring out to the people what you have, you must have an effective way of mailing them the list of your products so that they cannot resist checking them out. If you have consistent customers, you should not miss out any because they are the reason why your sales are present.

You must come up with an easy way to attract the people with your products and services so that in return, you can have your investment and money. If you don’t attract people, for sure you will have no way to increase your profit and brand name.

You should know how to stop the holes that you can find in your site. This is important so that you will not be wasting any time over some not-so-important and invaluable things. The bad thing is that you will not only waste your time, but also spend your dollars over it. This is quite depressing and miserable. Remember to keep the most important things in mind so that you can handle your focus.

You must learn how to raise money and keep some in your pocket by improving your ratio in conversation quickly and easily. This wont even cost you a penny. Money handling is very important. You should know how to divide the priorities and keep some aside.

You should know how to make your advertising dollar go even farther. If you can provide the people with some hints and extra services, for sure you will get their attention and they will be attached to you.

You must have free ebooks and reports to give away to the people. This will make everything easy and systematic. Make easy-to-read ebooks that are worth reading.

Provide easy steps in your ebook which offer marvelous ways on how to claim profitable cash immediately.

In reading this book, you will have all your problems solved in no time. Plus, you can have the chance to have the craziest contest prize you can imagine. You can have tips and hints on how to get a promotion that the other successful businesses have already had, which caused a sales avalanche for them. You can’t wait to know that. In reading the book, you are on your way to learning those secrets. You will find out soon that you can apply it too. You will know the behavior of your customers and study how they want services and offers. If you master their behavior, you will be able to successfully bring out the best in your marketing, which is enough to convince them.

People in the business world have encountered all the means and ways to keep up with stunning strategies. They have gone through all the twists and turns in the world of business.

The people who have finished reading this ebook have approved Missing Link as being helpful and ground-breaking for publishers and webmasters who are starting out.