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Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part II:

Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part II:
Lifestyle — Reach Consumers According To Their Habits

In sociology terms, a lifestyle is the manner in which a person or a group lives. This might include patterns of social associations, consumption, leisure, and modes of dress. A lifestyle characteristically also echoes an individual’s attitudes, ethics, or worldview. Having a particular lifestyle suggests either a cognizant or an unaware choice between two or more sets of behaviors.

The following is a partial listing of lifestyles that are found in the 21st century. For the goal of this list, we will define lifestyle as any routines of shared relations, consumption, dress, and recreation, that are significant enough to meaningfully influence the lives of a sector of the population, and therefore can be used as a basis of social classification.

It is worth observing that these are not exacting and well-definied categories. There may be substantial overlap between many of them, and any given person may identify as belonging to more than one group, and enjoying the activities associated with more than one. Into the bargain, many of these categories also contain subclasses and subcultures. Here is a list (non-conclusive, of course!) of major societal groups:

1. General lifestyles — this includes a wide variety,
such as Activism, Back to the land, Hippie, Rural,
Simple Living, and yes, even “Traditional,” whatever
that means!
2. Income- or occupation-based lifestyles
3. Consumption-based lifestyles
4. Lifestyles based on social and political issues
5. Lifestyle classifications used in marketing
6. Military lifestyles
7. Sexual lifestyles
8. Lifestyles based on spiritual or religious preferences
9. Musical subculture lifestyles
10. Lifestyles based on recreation

In business, the term lifestyles provides a means for targeting consumers. Advertisers and marketers are constantly endeavoring to match consumer aspirations with products. Here is a non-conclusive list for the marketing world:

1. Achievers
2. Affluent
3. Belongers (joiners)
4. Early adopters
5. Empty nesters
6. Emulators
7. Opinion leaders
8. Over-consumers
9. Survivors
10. Young singles
11. Yuppies

When promotional activity is shaped around the attitudes, interests, opinions, and way of life of buyers, lifestyle marketing functions best when businesses are able to connect with the manners in which their potential customers live. Consumers are absorbed in a certain way of life, and a savvy lifestyle marketing group will formulate an approach to flawlessly blend in with this way.

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How To Achieve Success In Your Life (639 words):

The best way to ensure that you will reach the success you desire is to lay out a map of how you are going to achieve it. To do this, you need to define the following details:

1. Origin – Who you are – This is referring to who you are RIGHT NOW. Now, your origin runs deeper than what your name is, how old you are, and/or what your occupation is. Your origin should define who you are and what you are about in regards to your beliefs, values, and principles aside from your economic, professional, cultural, and civil status. Your origin also should reveal insights into your good and not-so-good traits, skills, knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses.

2. Destination – A vision of who you want to be – This is referring to the person you want to BECOME. You can see how your origin and your destination relate to one another and why you must know your origin in order to know your destination. If you don’t know who you are and what you are all about, including your beliefs, values, traits, etc., you’ll have no idea how to reach your destination because you won’t know what aspects of yourself you’ll need to change or how to change in order to become that person you want to become.

3. Vehicle – Your mission – This is referring to HOW you can reach your destination. In other words, it is referring to your vocation or calling in life. Again, you can see how the vehicle interrelates with your origin and destination because you need to know who you are now and who you want to become in order to know how to get there. If you don’t have those two pieces in place, you won’t know how to get from Point A to Point B.

4. Travel Bag – Your knowledge, skills, and attitude – This is referring to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you ALREADY have and what knowledge, skills, and attitudes you need to ACQUIRE in order to achieve your destination. Again, you can see how the travel bag relates to your origin, destination, and vehicle; your travel bag is made up of your origin, your knowledge, skills, and attitudes you already have, while connecting with your destination and vehicle in the fact that you have more knowledge, skills, and attitudes you need to acquire in order to reach your destination, and it connects with your vehicle because that is where you will likely add to your travel bag in order to go from your origin to your destination.

5. Landmarks and Route – Smart objectives – This is referring to whether your life is on the right track (landmarks) and whether it is progressing at the rate you want it to progress (route.) Again, these factors connect with the other four qualities because landmarks help you, with your travel bag, set realistic goals in your vehicle so you can achieve to help you get from your origin to your destination, while the route allows you to determine how much time it will take you to go from your origin to your destination.

6. Anticipate Turns, Detours, and Potholes – This is referring to when our laid-out plans go awry due to life circumstances (turns, detours, and potholes.) This connects with the other 5 qualities because, often, the route (how long it takes to go) from your origin (where you are NOW) to your destination (where you want to be in the FUTURE) can be changed, and in turn, this will affect the landmarks (successes) you will encounter. Of course, this can lead to you taking a different vehicle (a different vocation or calling) to reach your destination, and almost certainly, will give you a different travel bag (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) to take with you.