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Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part IV:

Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part IV:
Interest Group — Successful Relationship Marketing

One of the fastest-growing areas of Internet marketing of recent months has been the veering away from high-competition arenas that are saturated with Big Boy companies as well as multi-thousands of customers. The savvy marketer is now looking closely at much smaller markets… niches that have gone unfulfilled as the throngs look to captivate buyers in oversaturated areas.

Niche Marketing. Using the power of the Internet to define small, interest-focused groups who are hungry for information, and many are feeling lost in the plethora of online information and limited abilities to find things on their own. Thats where YOU come in, with a plan for establishing close relationships with interest-specific buyers.

Relationship marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach, because it encourages focusing on selected clusters of customers. Perhaps you already have a devoted list of consumers. One of the best tools for identifying attractive market segments is also one of the simplest: listening alertly to your clients comments and feedback. When your customers make suggestions, comments, or complaints, it is critical to listen as carefully as possible, attentive to the persons words.

An online survey can also supply further information about your customers demographics, the kinds of services that might interest them, and your prospective buyers motivation for paying for such services.

Here is a list of items for observation, when targeting your specific-interest group:

1. Size of the market — How common is the visitors
situation (or the need for service) in their specific-
interest area?

2. Obstacles to market entry — Does considerable
competition already exist for your proposed product
or service? If so, does your item offer some bonus
value or benefit that would help to be a magnet for
participants as well as retaining them?

3. Clients attitudes and activities — What
characteristics of your visitors behavior might be
valuable when assessing your market segment? For
example, do you offer services or products that are
recognized as ground-breaking or outside the
mainstream? These would be more likely to tempt
customers who tend to use new and innovative services.

As you explore all the possibilities and begin to communicate closely with the people who seek you out, you will find that you can fine-tune your offerings to meet the needs of your growing group of like-minded buyers. Over time, your products will become more and more specific to your particular group.

Congratulations, as you are successfully growing a niche market of your own making. Your business is unique, which is exactly what your customer is looking for!

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Dream About That Perfect Life, Then Go Out And Achieve

Dream About That Perfect Life, Then Go Out And Achieve It! (539 words):

Dreaming about improving one’s life is natural and healthy. At one time or another, we’ve all dreamed about being someone famous or someone who will be remembered for years to come. Unfortunately though, many of us will stop right there with dreaming about improving our lives, but not taking the necessary steps to achieve those lofty dreams.

One of the biggest obstacles one has to achieving his/her lofty goals and expectations is the fact that he/she gets hung up on the idea that attaining those dreams is impossible because the goals are too high and out-of-reach, that the work necessary to achieve those dreams would be far too difficult for him/her to do, especially for himself/herself alone.

However, one should keep in mind that if everyone had this same attitude toward achieving one’s goals, the world would never have advanced to this stage of development because no inventions, innovations, or breakthroughs would have occurred in any area of human development. Not technologically, socially, or in any other fashion; we’d still be cavemen who didn’t know how to make fire, how to make any weapons to hunt for food, or how to build any shelters to house ourselves, let alone such major advancements like flying from one destination to another via airplanes or communicating to others across Earth from our own homes and offices via the Internet.

How did any of those accomplishments come to exist? Certainly not by their creators and inventors having a defeatist attitude, thinking he/she couldn’t achieve what he/she wanted to achieve. They likely failed or suffered setbacks at first, but they kept plugging away at their ideas, continuously working to make progress or small victories, until they accomplished what they set out to do.

The key for one to attain lofty goals is to not limit yourself with self-doubt and self-limiting assumptions; if you do that from the start, you’ll never break through what you deem to be “impossible.” Then, you have to work towards that lofty goal; it won’t come down to you without you putting forth the effort to rise up and reach it.

One way to help you rise up to attain great dreams is by taking a piece of paper and writing down some goals in your life. Separate them into 3 groups: 1. Ones you know you can do; 2. Ones you might be able to do; and 3. Ones that are impossible for you to do.

Strive to achieve the goals listed in the section, “The goals you know you can do.” Check them off as you accomplish them. When you have accomplished all those, move on to the goals that you think “you might be able to do.” As you start to accomplish those goals, start moving the goals under “impossible to do” into the “might be able to do” group. You’ll start to find out that the goals you once thought were impossible to achieve are now achieveable and become easier to accomplish over time and with more experience in achieving other goals.

Keep in mind that virtually everything worthwhile in life takes effort to achieve, but through hard work and honest effort, you can achieve those dreams you desire and have the lifestyle you truly want.