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Public Domain, Part 3: Our Pre-1923 Writers Were Very Kind

Public Domain, Part 3: Our Pre-1923 Writers Were Very Kind

Public Domain Works Pre-1923

The title of this article has been an attempt to give thanks to many creative works authors of the past (pre-1923), whose works have fallen into the public domain. Today in the early 21st century, we now have access to all of those works. To me, this is both an honor and a heartfelt responsibility, to take these works and publish anew. We are given the right — and the honor — to ensure that the works have a new life and are not lost in dim reaches of memory.

The phrase body of creative works and other data or knowledge includes music, literary works, artworks, inventions, movies, and scientific ideas — just to name a few. This, of course, includes all works published before 1923, and with the right conditions, works published up until 1978. A modern marketer could locate such works, repackage them, and sell them anew, for a profit.

Seeking out public domain works is prone to being a tedious job. It can take many hours just to locate one or two good publications. These are writings created by many authors, and it has been legally acknowledged that their works are public domain, which means anybody can use the works for any type of purpose that they want.

While a huge portion of this material can be labelled “fair use,” not all of the works placed into the public domain database are free of copyright limitations. Currently, works published 75 years ago are evaluated as being public domain. Those published from 1924-1963 ;might be in the public domain, but only IF the proper copyright was not renewed.

Some writers, in current times, have relinquished their rights to their works. Now, it is out there for the anyone in the general public to utilize. You can do it and make money by selling the works in digital format. Or you could consider selling advertising. The public domain is chock full of literary works, books, videos, audio, software, journals, music sheets, and government publications and presentations that you can use in any way you desire. It is possible to create unlimited wealth with just a tiny bit of creativity.

You might create an audio Ebook by merely recording yourself reading it as is. By modifying it to fit suit your own work, your conversion to a tape, CD, or DVD, really does increase the works perceived as well as real value.

For example, a quick search for the keyword psychology will return a search engine results page of fascinating publications like The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, which turned out to be a 10 volume set. One of the main points of this article is to point out that expiring the copyright can essentially confer new life to these works that now only reside in lost corners of the public domain. Of course, some of these works have been so admired that theyve been re-published many times, by many separate publishers, that theyve never truly been out of print.

There are so many works in the public domain out there, you basically could never run out of information to publish. There happen to be millions of public domain works that anybody can rewrite and revitalize, add their own name as author, and sell — and they can even copyright and stop others from selling what has now become a derivative work.

No one other than the creator of this new work should have the freedom to profit from the work, or use it in any manner, without endorsement and approval from the new works creator. The proprietary things done to an old work, becomes copyrightable.

The superb ingredient of this area of law is that not only can the derivative works creator profit from the work itself, but the rights to the work are completely transferable. This is not so with reproduction and marketing rights of a current, copyrighted work, where the original creator customarily retains copyright and almost never allows others to alter his or her work or republish it.

With the advent of the Internet, this very situation raises new possibilities. We have seen the rise of what is now known as resell rights and also private label rights. As a Net marketer, it would be very good to explore these, as there is a lot of money being made by selling Resell Rights and packages of Private Label Rights items.

Indeed, pre-1923 knowledge product creators left us a very kind legacy. I like to think that somehow they are elated that their works are being published anew.

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5 Simple and Honest Ways to Build the Email List

5 Simple and Honest Ways to Build the Email List of Your Business

Have you ever wondered why Internet marketing experts seem to tirelessly harp about the importance of building your email list? If so, heres a simple answer: Its because what theyre all telling you is true. There is indeed a great potential to earn a lot of money in the list of emails youve complied from prospective customers. The more email addresses you have in it, the more chances you get.

So if youre wondering how to build your list, here are a few suggestions you should consider.

Tip #1 Make the offer on each page. Many first-time online marketers make the mistake of placing the offer to subscribe to their newsletter or submit their email addresses for additional information on their homepage alone. But what about the other pages in your websites? What if your customer changes his mind and finds himself wanting to subscribe to your newsletter? Will you subject him to the added convenience of going back to your homepage just so he could give you your email address?

Who needs who anyway? If you want to get the email address of your prospective customers, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to give it to you and that includes placing the offer on virtually every nook and cranny of your website!

Tip #2 Give them the all-important disclaimer. You must be very clear when promising to prospective customers that you will not share their email addresses with other parties. You need to mean it, too, of course. Secondly, you must display this disclaimer every time you make the offer. Dont give prospective customers the chance to doubt your sincerity. Let them know youre very serious about your promise and that you truly intend to use their email for the purpose they have given it permission for.

Tip #3 Increase the number of affiliates you have. The beauty about affiliate marketing is that you can have a million of people working for you, advertising your links and banners 24/7, and yet you only end up paying those able to help you make sales. For the rest, you get to enjoy free advertising from them. With more affiliates working for you, you get to enjoy more chances of having prospective customers notice your website and opt-in to your list.

Tip #4 Give your affiliates regular training. The Internet is a dynamic place and it constantly requires online marketers to update their knowledge, skills, and abilities if they want to keep up with the demands of the market. If you want your affiliate program help build the email list for your business, you need to monitor their performance and provide them training and motivation when necessary. Improve your reward scheme as well to further encourage your affiliates to work hard.

Tip #5 Let people know what theyll get in return if they do sign up for your email list. Nobody does anything for free anymore. There are always strings attached to offers and as for your email list, you need to let them know its worth their while if they give their email address to you. Promising them valuable information is not enough. You need to be more specific. What kind of information will you give? How will they benefit from it? For how long will you contact them?

To know more about other ways of honestly building your email list, drop by at http://newslettertactics.com/index.shtml and check out How to Flood Your Newsletter Instantly with Subscribers.

How to create and run a profitable membership site -

How to create and run a profitable membership site – Part 1

Having a successful paid membership site on the Internet is one of the most promising and high-paying businesses that you can have in your life. An excellent membership site can give you a steady income of a CEO, but without the hassle and stress of being one.

Just to give you a brief income example, if you have a total of 500 people subscribing to your site and paying you a monthly fee of $10, then you can have a total steady cash flow of $5,000 monthly. You are going to get money in fees month after month, rain or shine.

Many people accomplish this kind of earning during the first two to three months of their business. But that is just the beginning. Some individuals have profitable membership sites that can generate a profit ten times larger than this one.

But before going into the numbers, let us first discuss what a membership site is, specifically, a paid membership site.

Whatever you call this business, may it be a member-only membership, subscription, or mentor website, they all have one thing in common: they are bringing a steady flow of profit into your bank account, from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousand of dollars with an endless variety of topics.

The more number of subscribers you have the more income you will be getting.

Some of these paid membership sites provide mentoring or coaching, others contain useful articles or information in a particular field or product. But others still publish the results of tests and studies or product reviews.

Finally, some membership sites provide a specialized service or act as a meeting place for people with a common interest.

But all these websites have one thing in common: you have to pay for the information you will get from them.

But the big question is, why should people pay to receive content or information on the Internet. The key to getting people to subscribe to your membership site is to provide specialized information, coaching, services or data that is hard to find anywhere or would take a great deal of time to find on your own.

Let me ask you, have you ever bought a newspaper or a magazine so that you could see and read something special? Have you ever bought a non-fiction book that gave advice on a topic you were interested in?

Ill bet you did, just like everybody else.

You paid for something, particularly a reading material or a service, to save time or to improve something that you have.

Just a few short years ago, it was almost unheard of to charge for access to a website and almost no one was doing it. Today, it is not only much more acceptable, but there are still relatively few membership websites. This makes it the perfect time to start your own member-only site, since there is still little competition.

The most critical process in membership sites is choosing a specific topic that will encourage people to pay money for information on it.

The first place to look for potential topics should be within your own world. The list of potential topics could come from your interests, hobbies, vocation, business training, or even your location.

Find a topic that you are passionate about and the odds are that enough people are also passionate about the topic to make it a successful membership site. Since you are going to be spending time building and maintaining your membership site, why not choose a topic that you enjoy and know about?

You wouldnt believe some of the unusual ideas that people have turned into profitable paid membership websites. Topics include unusual business ideas, fireworks, repairing guns, dieting, dating, tall people, and even an outrageous 2nd wives club.

Finally, there are many tools to help you build and maintain your member-only website. At the most basic level, you can do much of the website creation yourself and use 3rd party services to help you with the administration.

However, a quicker and even better way is to use one of the new all-in-one membership management software systems that helps you set up your site quickly and automates almost all of the administrative features. This can be a very good thing, especially if you dont know anything about programming.

All over the world, people are earning large sums of money online on a regular predictable basis from the comfort of home because they had the foresight to start a paid membership site. So start yours today and stop wasting your time.

How to create an online tutorial center

Information technology is promoting essential transformation on how we teach students and have them learn anything and everything. Barriers of instance and position are dropping as technology and machinery offer innovative choices and infinite opportunities for the students and the educators as well. For over the last 20 years or so, American schools have applied, reserved, and utilized remote learning tools to improve and augment the students’ educational chances and opportunities.

Satellite, cable, microwave, and broadcast television first gave our students access to some courses not otherwise obtainable in their home schools. Lately, multimedia Internet-based innovation and technologies have provided even more influential and powerful options for education and learning at a distance.

Online tutorial centers are very useful to those who are distant and want to save money. But is what you know really enough to create an online tutorial center which can give students the best education ever? If you are planning to put up an online tutorial center, you should have a lot of resources.

You must come up with the latest and trendiest resources available on the market. It should be equal and balanced to the learning that can be acquired in schools. An online tutorial center should be reliable and effective since it is not only a second option for customers, but it should be the first and best option and tool for remote and home learning.

If you want to start your online tutorial learning center, you will need a copywriter to write significant ebooks for your site which the students will be using. The ebooks should be informative and easy to follow for your students.

There are a lot of ways to come up with a good online tutorial center, especially if you are a beginner. You can use the Ultimate Follow Up Toolbox to create your own online business.

With virtually all schools now linked to the Internet, districts, states, and individual schools continue to adopt online courses to enlarge their curriculum.

The appeal of online tutorials is apparent and they can boost the variety of course contributions obtainable to all students as well as present instructive and enlightening access to particular students.

In addition, tutorial centers provide an option and method of teaching and training, one that adults are ever more using for both professional and individual expansion. The number of students participating in online tutorials is huge and attendance is climbing. One estimate is that 30,000 high school students have taken online tutorials and others who have earned a degree have continued their studies via online learning.

When all sorts of online tutorials or online alternatives are well thought-out, the number of people connected can be 50,000 or even more.

It is expected that in the years to come, all types of education and learning can be learned online. With the ever-growing competition, it is important that you keep guidelines and quality tutorials that are useful to your clients and customers.

In order to compete wisely, you can take the advice of experts who have long been in the business for years. They know the best strategies and ways on how to make online tutorial centers a sure hit.

You should keep up with the latest innovations and the identified standards so that you can provide your readers and students with at least the minimum standards, if not more.

Ultimate Follow Up Toolbox is made available for your greatest resource in the online marketing business. This tool offers a lot of advantages and benefits that will surely offer your site the promotion you want with less effort and in less time. If you purchase this, you will have more chances of staying on top and never falling behind. The online tutorial center is your ultimate source for sales and income, so you should never risk it but do what it takes to make it successful.

Last, but not least, you will of course need a website. Make a fast-loading site that is simple yet creative. Put details about all your courses on the homepage and write down all the benefits your online tutorial center has to offer.