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Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part III:

Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part III:
Lifestage — Different Ages, Different Stages

Lifestyles are becoming streamlined, customized, and individual. Lifestyle marketing becomes a fine-hued set of skills where you take a somewhat common product or service and redesign it for a niche segment. You learn to discover original and innovative pathways to your target audience. Every age group brings on the possibilities for capturing an entire segment of the population, for marketers who study and recognize the elements of change, and how it affects products.

Lifestyle marketing models are developed to corroborate the beliefs and core values of potential clients. Consumers are time and again changing their observations, outlooks, and spending patterns. This creates a need for considerable effort and research to keep track of these changes.

As an example, lets take the overall group of consumers who are either retired, or approaching retirement, and consider their needs, as viewed by a marketer intent on catering to the spending abilities of the so-called Baby-Boomer age group. More and more each day, many of the Boomers begin to think in terms of refocusing rather than retiring.

Refocusing would allow this person to give his or her employer the mental and actual boot out the door, leaving them free to do something they enjoy that would keep them active and alert. This new fork in the road might even bring in some supplementary income. Rather than refocusing on just one activity (somewhat like leaving one job for another), this individual is wanting to diversify their activities.

Perhaps some charity work, perhaps running a small Internet business, or perhaps some short-term, part-time work will fit them best. These people want to choose how much time they devote to any of their medley of choices. In this short scenario, keep a vision of the products and services that accompany the self-employed, older person. Products might range from software tools to automobiles! And this particular group, historically, is in a financial position to make major purchases.

The savvy marketer will not actually have to engineer new products, but instead, will innovate around the lifestyle, and repackage or tweak existing offerings to fit the need of the Boomer. Or, this could be applied to any targeted group.

Another factor that is setting hurdles in the lifestyle marketing equation is the inroad the Internet has created in buying patterns. Businesses must now take into consideration the online consumer, and base their product or service on the New Age consumers activity and shopping habits — which can also change in a hurry!

No matter your targeted lifestyle group, one of your primary challenges will be constant research and investigation. These are the keys to tapping into any group of consumers needs and wants, no matter the differing stages in life.

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Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part II:

Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part II:
Lifestyle — Reach Consumers According To Their Habits

In sociology terms, a lifestyle is the manner in which a person or a group lives. This might include patterns of social associations, consumption, leisure, and modes of dress. A lifestyle characteristically also echoes an individual’s attitudes, ethics, or worldview. Having a particular lifestyle suggests either a cognizant or an unaware choice between two or more sets of behaviors.

The following is a partial listing of lifestyles that are found in the 21st century. For the goal of this list, we will define lifestyle as any routines of shared relations, consumption, dress, and recreation, that are significant enough to meaningfully influence the lives of a sector of the population, and therefore can be used as a basis of social classification.

It is worth observing that these are not exacting and well-definied categories. There may be substantial overlap between many of them, and any given person may identify as belonging to more than one group, and enjoying the activities associated with more than one. Into the bargain, many of these categories also contain subclasses and subcultures. Here is a list (non-conclusive, of course!) of major societal groups:

1. General lifestyles — this includes a wide variety,
such as Activism, Back to the land, Hippie, Rural,
Simple Living, and yes, even “Traditional,” whatever
that means!
2. Income- or occupation-based lifestyles
3. Consumption-based lifestyles
4. Lifestyles based on social and political issues
5. Lifestyle classifications used in marketing
6. Military lifestyles
7. Sexual lifestyles
8. Lifestyles based on spiritual or religious preferences
9. Musical subculture lifestyles
10. Lifestyles based on recreation

In business, the term lifestyles provides a means for targeting consumers. Advertisers and marketers are constantly endeavoring to match consumer aspirations with products. Here is a non-conclusive list for the marketing world:

1. Achievers
2. Affluent
3. Belongers (joiners)
4. Early adopters
5. Empty nesters
6. Emulators
7. Opinion leaders
8. Over-consumers
9. Survivors
10. Young singles
11. Yuppies

When promotional activity is shaped around the attitudes, interests, opinions, and way of life of buyers, lifestyle marketing functions best when businesses are able to connect with the manners in which their potential customers live. Consumers are absorbed in a certain way of life, and a savvy lifestyle marketing group will formulate an approach to flawlessly blend in with this way.

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How to Build Profitable But Ethical Alliances with Marketers to

How to Build Profitable But Ethical Alliances with Marketers to Benefit Your Infoproduct Sales

Running a business online can be an easy thing if you have all the money and clout to back you up. But if you are constantly running your own errands, making your own products, and digging out of your own pocket for your funding, then you might be in big trouble in the long run. This can be especially tiring if you are marketing an infoproduct: a product thats meant to educate people and help them get through a difficult or challenging period in their lives is not necessarily a product that will sell itself. It needs a lot of backing, and you need a professional marketer to help you out.

If you have looked through the web pages of other infoproducts, you might have noticed the endless lines of text and the countless paragraphs of testimonials given by purported customers. Simply going through the first half of the page takes a lot of effort, especially when the product sounds too good to be real; the latter half of the page takes patience, especially when it keeps on ending with testimonials and suspense-laden questions that only conclude with yet another list of things that the infoproduct can do but not what the infoproduct is. This kind of marketing is certainly hard sell, it can turn people off, and it can make prospective customers give up after only a few minutes spent scrolling down through the website.

If you have an infoproduct, you will want to avoid this marketing tactic, and instead talk to your marketing tam about the best ways that you can go to market your infoproduct. Marketing is crucial for you: if you market your infoproduct too softly, you will not get any sales, and your marketing and financial efforts will go to nothing; if you market your infoproduct too loudly and trumpet your own virtues, people will tend not to believe you, and will think that you are just another Internet quack doctor with yet another big hoax.

When talking to your marketing team, you will want to build an alliance with them, not order them to do things. Moreover, your marketing team should consist not only of a marketing staff, but writers, graphic designers, web developers, and photographers as well. These people have to be aligned in their goals and their styles: they all need to follow your goals, that is, of sales and profit, as well as satisfied customers; and their styles need to be the same so that your website or web page will come out as a congealed and cohesive whole.

Talk to your writer, and make sure that you hire a copywriter! You will want text that is succinct, so that your website will be read quickly and your website visitors will be compelled to make a purchase immediately. Keep the same copywriter for a long time, and compensate your copywriter well: by keeping the same copywriter, you do not need to explain your infoproduct over and over again to different writers.

Make sure that your web developer is able to make a website that is fast, and that can load well with the same layout on a variety of browsers. Like your copywriter, you will want to keep your web developer for a long while, so that any updates will be easy to upload to your website.

These are only a few tips that you might want to follow when making up your marketing team. With a good alliance, you can get your profits much faster.

5 Simple and Honest Ways to Build the Email List

5 Simple and Honest Ways to Build the Email List of Your Business

Have you ever wondered why Internet marketing experts seem to tirelessly harp about the importance of building your email list? If so, heres a simple answer: Its because what theyre all telling you is true. There is indeed a great potential to earn a lot of money in the list of emails youve complied from prospective customers. The more email addresses you have in it, the more chances you get.

So if youre wondering how to build your list, here are a few suggestions you should consider.

Tip #1 Make the offer on each page. Many first-time online marketers make the mistake of placing the offer to subscribe to their newsletter or submit their email addresses for additional information on their homepage alone. But what about the other pages in your websites? What if your customer changes his mind and finds himself wanting to subscribe to your newsletter? Will you subject him to the added convenience of going back to your homepage just so he could give you your email address?

Who needs who anyway? If you want to get the email address of your prospective customers, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to give it to you and that includes placing the offer on virtually every nook and cranny of your website!

Tip #2 Give them the all-important disclaimer. You must be very clear when promising to prospective customers that you will not share their email addresses with other parties. You need to mean it, too, of course. Secondly, you must display this disclaimer every time you make the offer. Dont give prospective customers the chance to doubt your sincerity. Let them know youre very serious about your promise and that you truly intend to use their email for the purpose they have given it permission for.

Tip #3 Increase the number of affiliates you have. The beauty about affiliate marketing is that you can have a million of people working for you, advertising your links and banners 24/7, and yet you only end up paying those able to help you make sales. For the rest, you get to enjoy free advertising from them. With more affiliates working for you, you get to enjoy more chances of having prospective customers notice your website and opt-in to your list.

Tip #4 Give your affiliates regular training. The Internet is a dynamic place and it constantly requires online marketers to update their knowledge, skills, and abilities if they want to keep up with the demands of the market. If you want your affiliate program help build the email list for your business, you need to monitor their performance and provide them training and motivation when necessary. Improve your reward scheme as well to further encourage your affiliates to work hard.

Tip #5 Let people know what theyll get in return if they do sign up for your email list. Nobody does anything for free anymore. There are always strings attached to offers and as for your email list, you need to let them know its worth their while if they give their email address to you. Promising them valuable information is not enough. You need to be more specific. What kind of information will you give? How will they benefit from it? For how long will you contact them?

To know more about other ways of honestly building your email list, drop by at http://newslettertactics.com/index.shtml and check out How to Flood Your Newsletter Instantly with Subscribers.