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Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part III:

Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part III:
Lifestage — Different Ages, Different Stages

Lifestyles are becoming streamlined, customized, and individual. Lifestyle marketing becomes a fine-hued set of skills where you take a somewhat common product or service and redesign it for a niche segment. You learn to discover original and innovative pathways to your target audience. Every age group brings on the possibilities for capturing an entire segment of the population, for marketers who study and recognize the elements of change, and how it affects products.

Lifestyle marketing models are developed to corroborate the beliefs and core values of potential clients. Consumers are time and again changing their observations, outlooks, and spending patterns. This creates a need for considerable effort and research to keep track of these changes.

As an example, lets take the overall group of consumers who are either retired, or approaching retirement, and consider their needs, as viewed by a marketer intent on catering to the spending abilities of the so-called Baby-Boomer age group. More and more each day, many of the Boomers begin to think in terms of refocusing rather than retiring.

Refocusing would allow this person to give his or her employer the mental and actual boot out the door, leaving them free to do something they enjoy that would keep them active and alert. This new fork in the road might even bring in some supplementary income. Rather than refocusing on just one activity (somewhat like leaving one job for another), this individual is wanting to diversify their activities.

Perhaps some charity work, perhaps running a small Internet business, or perhaps some short-term, part-time work will fit them best. These people want to choose how much time they devote to any of their medley of choices. In this short scenario, keep a vision of the products and services that accompany the self-employed, older person. Products might range from software tools to automobiles! And this particular group, historically, is in a financial position to make major purchases.

The savvy marketer will not actually have to engineer new products, but instead, will innovate around the lifestyle, and repackage or tweak existing offerings to fit the need of the Boomer. Or, this could be applied to any targeted group.

Another factor that is setting hurdles in the lifestyle marketing equation is the inroad the Internet has created in buying patterns. Businesses must now take into consideration the online consumer, and base their product or service on the New Age consumers activity and shopping habits — which can also change in a hurry!

No matter your targeted lifestyle group, one of your primary challenges will be constant research and investigation. These are the keys to tapping into any group of consumers needs and wants, no matter the differing stages in life.

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Public Domain, Part 3: Our Pre-1923 Writers Were Very Kind

Public Domain, Part 3: Our Pre-1923 Writers Were Very Kind

Public Domain Works Pre-1923

The title of this article has been an attempt to give thanks to many creative works authors of the past (pre-1923), whose works have fallen into the public domain. Today in the early 21st century, we now have access to all of those works. To me, this is both an honor and a heartfelt responsibility, to take these works and publish anew. We are given the right — and the honor — to ensure that the works have a new life and are not lost in dim reaches of memory.

The phrase body of creative works and other data or knowledge includes music, literary works, artworks, inventions, movies, and scientific ideas — just to name a few. This, of course, includes all works published before 1923, and with the right conditions, works published up until 1978. A modern marketer could locate such works, repackage them, and sell them anew, for a profit.

Seeking out public domain works is prone to being a tedious job. It can take many hours just to locate one or two good publications. These are writings created by many authors, and it has been legally acknowledged that their works are public domain, which means anybody can use the works for any type of purpose that they want.

While a huge portion of this material can be labelled “fair use,” not all of the works placed into the public domain database are free of copyright limitations. Currently, works published 75 years ago are evaluated as being public domain. Those published from 1924-1963 ;might be in the public domain, but only IF the proper copyright was not renewed.

Some writers, in current times, have relinquished their rights to their works. Now, it is out there for the anyone in the general public to utilize. You can do it and make money by selling the works in digital format. Or you could consider selling advertising. The public domain is chock full of literary works, books, videos, audio, software, journals, music sheets, and government publications and presentations that you can use in any way you desire. It is possible to create unlimited wealth with just a tiny bit of creativity.

You might create an audio Ebook by merely recording yourself reading it as is. By modifying it to fit suit your own work, your conversion to a tape, CD, or DVD, really does increase the works perceived as well as real value.

For example, a quick search for the keyword psychology will return a search engine results page of fascinating publications like The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, which turned out to be a 10 volume set. One of the main points of this article is to point out that expiring the copyright can essentially confer new life to these works that now only reside in lost corners of the public domain. Of course, some of these works have been so admired that theyve been re-published many times, by many separate publishers, that theyve never truly been out of print.

There are so many works in the public domain out there, you basically could never run out of information to publish. There happen to be millions of public domain works that anybody can rewrite and revitalize, add their own name as author, and sell — and they can even copyright and stop others from selling what has now become a derivative work.

No one other than the creator of this new work should have the freedom to profit from the work, or use it in any manner, without endorsement and approval from the new works creator. The proprietary things done to an old work, becomes copyrightable.

The superb ingredient of this area of law is that not only can the derivative works creator profit from the work itself, but the rights to the work are completely transferable. This is not so with reproduction and marketing rights of a current, copyrighted work, where the original creator customarily retains copyright and almost never allows others to alter his or her work or republish it.

With the advent of the Internet, this very situation raises new possibilities. We have seen the rise of what is now known as resell rights and also private label rights. As a Net marketer, it would be very good to explore these, as there is a lot of money being made by selling Resell Rights and packages of Private Label Rights items.

Indeed, pre-1923 knowledge product creators left us a very kind legacy. I like to think that somehow they are elated that their works are being published anew.

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4 Tips to Boost Infoproduct Sales with SEO

In many cases, the process of making infoproducts involves the transformation of online marketers into writers. These people obviously have an easier time marketing their products because they already know their way around the Internet. But in some cases, makers of infoproducts were writers first before becoming online marketers. These people have a harder case on their hands. They might have a spectacular infoproduct to sell, but without proper Internet knowledge, they might as have something that nobody wants.

Why? Because without SEO, nobody would even know that the infoproduct exists.

The Internet is a vast place and its getting bigger by the minute. To get the attention of the people you want, you need to work with other people and use other tools and systems. The most important tool you can use is the search engine. Search engines are used by most, if not all, Internet users to help them find what theyre searching for. Use of search engine is free and efficient.

It is to your advantage if you can make search engine spiders include your website as one of the top results for the keywords youre targeting. But wait whats that you say? You dont even know what the keywords are for your infoproduct? Well, if thats the case, here are a few tips to help you get started on making SEO benefit your infoproduct sales.

Tip #1 Think of the best words and phrases that will describe your infoproduct. These are going to be your keywords. Keywords must be used often on your website if you want search engine spiders to categorize your website and infoproduct accurately.

Since youre a writer before you became an online marketer, youll no doubt find it easier inserting keywords in your content without destroying the cohesion and coherence of your work. This is very important because customers dislike reading materials that were obviously optimized for search engines and not for human eyes.

Tip #2 Design your layout in the way that both search engine spiders and human users will understand. Stick to HTML as much as possible. Even though there are more sophisticated languages out there, HTML is still the language that search engine spiders speak best. As for the layout, make it very user-friendly. It must resemble a well-designed office with names and signs on each turn. It must not resemble a labyrinth. Give your pages titles and place links where theyll be most visible.

Tip #3 Be careful when using multimedia files in your website. If you install a Flash introduction, give your visitors the option to skip it. Not everyone, after all, has enough patience or adequately fast Internet connection to wait for the Flash introduction to load properly. Use images appropriately and make sure you use the appropriate tags or keywords for them, too. Add captions if you can because search engine spiders also index them. Do the same for audio and video files, too.

Tip #4 Once your website is up and running, dont think youre entitled to rest already. Not yet! Set up a blog because this will allow customers and other interested parties to interact with you. Now start circulating and make intelligent comments. The favor will be returned, we promise!

These four steps are just the tip of the iceberg on how much SEO can help boost sales of your infoproducts. For more information, consider visiting http://www.use-sell.com/p/toolstrade/index.shtml and check out Tools of the Web: Search Engine Tools Explained.

Free is Good: How Relationship Building Will Benefit Your Infoproduct

Free is Good: How Relationship Building Will Benefit Your Infoproduct Sales

There are many different things that you can find online, and sometimes most of these things have a price tag on them. But did you know that people can make a living by giving away things for free? Thats right: not all profit is made by making people pay you; it happens when you give people some things for free, because one day, they may trust you well enough to invest money in your products and services. This can translate into bigger and better profits, which makes relationship building beneficial and integral to the growth of any company.

Imagine yourself at your local county fair or state fair, where people are giving out free stuff. You flock to the freebie-giving booths, hoping to catch some free stuff for yourself, and in the process, you catch a glimpse of some products and services that you might want to get in the future. You see, the touch of relationship building is two-fold: you not only get to sample some potential products or services through giving away free things, but you make people flock to you and increase your visibility.

The same is true online, where relationship building is actually much, much easier and less expensive, but where it can stray quickly into hard selling if the advertiser or marketer is not careful. There are many things that you can give for free online. These include a newsletter, e-mail updates, free downloads of desktop wallpapers or screensavers, or even a free product that can be raffled off every week or month. In some cases, the concept of relationship building can be extended even to online forums, which allows clients and website visitors to talk to each other; message boards and tag-boards, which allow clients and website visitors to give you instant feedback; and ratings forms, where clients and website visitors can exercise their democratic right to judge your products and services.

So what kinds of free things can you offer in order to exercise relationship building in selling infoproducts? One free things that you can sell is a preview: if you are selling podcasts of lectures, offer free snippets, say five to ten minutes of audio files of the lecture that your customers can download for free. If you are selling a book, offer the book free for download, or offer it up as an incentive: your customers can get the entire book, in its hard copy form, free, if they are able to refer you successfully to their friends. If you are selling multimedia educational equipment, you can offer free downloadable software online that your clients can use to preview the software that will be offered up for sale.

By offering these things for free, you empower your clients and website visitors to choose if they want to buy your infoproducts. If they like their downloads, they may be compelled to buy; if they are not immediately compelled to buy, at least they will remember your name and will be able to refer to you in the future. If they do not like their downloads, however, they may not be compelled to buy, but if you make your relationship building matter, then these clients and website visitors might just refer their friends to you. The market widens farther, and you will be able to serve even more clients.

These are only a few facts about relationship building and your infoproduct, and how you can give free things without worrying about your profit margin. In this case, your client is your biggest priority, so if you serve your client well, your client will treat you right, too.

How to make a profit without asking for a sale

How to make a profit without asking for a sale

If you are an ezine writer, a marketer or an ebook editor, you probably want to check out the Buy Me a Drink software package. There are ways to let your clients and subscribers show their gratitude for you in an automated whole payment method.

According to many, it is such a cool and icy script to let people pay you for what you have done. Moreover, people receive acknowledgement and endorsement of their sites at the same time. So their tendency is to even buy you more drinks.

Sometimes, your customers will want to thank you or show their appreciation for something you have done like when you have created a very remarkable script or written an incredible article or a marvelous ebook that you give to your readers. Or even for just giving a fantastic idea to a friend in need.

If you run an ezine, your customers and subscribers will surely want to show their appreciation of the information you give them. However, you would not want them to email you several dollars to your account.

So what do you need? The Buy Me a Drink script is the perfect way for subscribers to show their gratitude to you.

Until now, there was no automatic solution that would let you gather an additional flow of income through your customers and clients openhandedness. With this script, you will not have to waste time editing the pages, inserting the information, and keeping the clients records.

Manually expressing your thanks to all the people is very time-consuming and a lot of effort is needed especially when you run and maintain a grandiose site. That is why John developed this script.

This script works with sponsorships and drinks. When someone pays for a drink, he is automatically directed to the thank You pages on your server. There he can fill in the information and show his information on the cheers list. The sponsors also can access this and his information is included in the sponsors list as well. With this script, you can edit all outlines and templates and manually add the information you want to include there.

Moreover, you can modify one file and automatically make it multi-lingual. It could be in French, German, or Portuguese.

In addition, you can install this script on your server in just a couple of minutes. Detailed instructions will help you step-by-step as you go on with the installation. Its ease of use and its trouble-free installation separates it from the rest.

This is an excellent product that one has to have. The installation process is very easy to use that even non-technical people can install it with no hassle. You can get this Buy Me a Drink script by simply following the instructions. In addition, it is a PHP script that is accessible and compatible with almost all servers.

Furthermore, it does not require you to pay a monthly fee. It is a service that resides on your server. And the good thing is, one does not need any MySQL script or database. This script can keep and manage all the records.

Moreover, you can get three additional language files like French, German, and Portuguese. Translating the script in those languages would be tiresome and time-consuming. So it is good that the script can be multi-lingual. Plus, you will obtain all updates to come. You will get updated with all the new versions and new language files that are released. With this, you will not have a hard time asking your customers and subscribers to pay you and they can show their appreciation when they want to.

Bonuses are also included. Buy me A Product is a variant of the Buy Me a Drink script. This includes similar features and particulars but the difference lies in the products. Instead of buying you Drinks, real Products to sell are included here. It is the easiest and most convenient way of creating your online business.

For $97, you can get a hold of both the Buy Me A Drink and Buy Me A Product scripts. This is just a limited time offer, so purchasing it right now is the best thing to do. Plus, you can use both of these scripts for advertising and promoting almost any product you offer and sell.

How To Make BIG PROFITS from a small mailing list!

How To Make BIG PROFITS from a small mailing list!

Money starts from a small mailing list

Maximize your profit through a small mailing list! You heard it right All you need is marketing power!

This good news is brought to us by Charlie Page, the owner of the world’s prominent Directory of Ezines. Charlie Page is a distinguished marketer who owns several profitable websites and publishes his own ezine. And now he has written a report that tells the fact on how to make BIG PROFITS from a small mailing list.

The main thing is that hes worth listening to, since he has been there. Charlie has worked with thousands of ezine publishers and has carefully analyzed what works and what fails.

Charlie even added his own experiences to his implausible report. He took a straight look inside the real world of making money from a small mailing list. And you wont just get this type of information from reading blogs, forums, articles, or even surfing the web.

For your information, you can actually buy a list of 100,000 subscribers today for about $1000. The question is, are they quality subscribers? Well, Charlie knows that theyre not. In his experience, he bought a list of subscribers from a popular vendor; unfortunately, he made zero sales. He even did exactly what was recommended!

Then, there are also experts who are claiming that you can make money with a small mailing list of 100 subscribers. They even placed some figures to back up their claim. They use these old advertising strategies just to gain customers.

The bottom line here is that, you dont need to have a huge subscription list if you know what it takes to make profit from a small mailing list.

Starting today, you can create and cultivate your own small mailing list that can bring the automatic profits you want. It is also one way of making your small mailing list highly responsive.

Owning a small mailing list is one of the most profitable things you can do online. Web marketers say that its more profitable than writing e-books, getting link partners, and even having the highest Alexa rating.

Building your own small mailing list is an investment that lasts. With a small mailing list, you can make lots of offers and your subscribers will purchase what you recommend. It is also easy to make one, if you know how.

You dont have to be a guru or spend thousands of dollars to begin profiting from your small mailing list. All you need is to learn how to get subscribers.

Thats exactly what Charlie Page would want to say. According to him, if youre doing the following, you have the potential for a profitable small mailing list.

1. have your own website
2. generate traffic to your website
3. sell or offer products and services from your site
4. have anyone in your upline
5. have a list of names in your email address book
6. do forum postings
7. send emails

You just need to develop those things for you to be able to make money from your small mailing list.

Your list must be something that you can mail week after week. A list should mean you can advertise your products. Advertising is the life-blood of any mailing list. That is why it is also important that your subscribers know you, like you, and buy from you. But it is recommended that you do not do direct mailings, except to your own subscribers that you have. You can also profit from your list if you know how to schedule your mailings.

Now, would that be possible? Why not? Consider this one fact.

If you get only 100 visitors a day to your web site, and say only 20% of them ask for your information (which means they are subscribing to YOUR mailing list) in a years time, you would have a mailing list of approximately 7000 people!

And if you really exert more effort, you could do much more than this. As marketers say, it takes a little time, money, and dedication to develop and implement a mailing list. But its a powerful tool that can pay for itself in just a few months and then keep paying off for years to come.