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Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part II:

Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part II:
Lifestyle — Reach Consumers According To Their Habits

In sociology terms, a lifestyle is the manner in which a person or a group lives. This might include patterns of social associations, consumption, leisure, and modes of dress. A lifestyle characteristically also echoes an individual’s attitudes, ethics, or worldview. Having a particular lifestyle suggests either a cognizant or an unaware choice between two or more sets of behaviors.

The following is a partial listing of lifestyles that are found in the 21st century. For the goal of this list, we will define lifestyle as any routines of shared relations, consumption, dress, and recreation, that are significant enough to meaningfully influence the lives of a sector of the population, and therefore can be used as a basis of social classification.

It is worth observing that these are not exacting and well-definied categories. There may be substantial overlap between many of them, and any given person may identify as belonging to more than one group, and enjoying the activities associated with more than one. Into the bargain, many of these categories also contain subclasses and subcultures. Here is a list (non-conclusive, of course!) of major societal groups:

1. General lifestyles — this includes a wide variety,
such as Activism, Back to the land, Hippie, Rural,
Simple Living, and yes, even “Traditional,” whatever
that means!
2. Income- or occupation-based lifestyles
3. Consumption-based lifestyles
4. Lifestyles based on social and political issues
5. Lifestyle classifications used in marketing
6. Military lifestyles
7. Sexual lifestyles
8. Lifestyles based on spiritual or religious preferences
9. Musical subculture lifestyles
10. Lifestyles based on recreation

In business, the term lifestyles provides a means for targeting consumers. Advertisers and marketers are constantly endeavoring to match consumer aspirations with products. Here is a non-conclusive list for the marketing world:

1. Achievers
2. Affluent
3. Belongers (joiners)
4. Early adopters
5. Empty nesters
6. Emulators
7. Opinion leaders
8. Over-consumers
9. Survivors
10. Young singles
11. Yuppies

When promotional activity is shaped around the attitudes, interests, opinions, and way of life of buyers, lifestyle marketing functions best when businesses are able to connect with the manners in which their potential customers live. Consumers are absorbed in a certain way of life, and a savvy lifestyle marketing group will formulate an approach to flawlessly blend in with this way.

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4 Tips on Selling Infoproducts without Comprising Your Ethics

More and more people are getting turned off the idea of buying infoproducts because they end up paying for works that rarely match, much less surpass, the hype that was used to market them. But you can make a difference if youve got infoproducts that are truly worth their value. If you truly believe in your infoproducts worth then you should push through with marketing it and set an example for online marketers to follow.

Here are a few ways for you to market your infoproducts without compromising your ethics:

Tip #1 You can create hype without being dishonest. Many online marketers use hype to sell their infoproducts, not knowing that the more unbelievable their claims sound, the more theyre pushing their clients away. And the few people who do fail for it will of course learn the truth soon afterwards and consequently rant about it. But you wont make the same mistake, will you?

If you want to create hype about your infoproduct, thats not a bad goal to have. Whats bad if you result to lying about your infoproduct. But if your infoproduct is truly as good as you want people to believe then why lie? What you just need right now is the best choice of words. Take out your dictionary and thesaurus and start looking for words that would make a perfect fit with your infoproduct.

Why use a simple word like big when you can also use colossal or immense without lying? But avoid using words that are not entirely familiar to peoples ears too often. If you do, your prospective customers might just be too busy figuring out what youre saying that theyve forgotten all about your infoproduct. Choose words that have strong and powerful impact on your customers and youll be able to create hype without making your conscience wince!

Tip #2 Let your old customers speak in behalf of your infoproducts. Before launching an infoproduct to the market, you should subject it to a dry run or a performance check. Have a few trustworthy individuals try it out for themselves. You can give it to them for free in exchange of having permission to use their testimonials for marketing the infoproduct. If they like it then let the public know about it!

Tip #3 Acknowledge your sources. Many customers avoid purchasing infoproducts because the few ones theyve bought have turned out to be mere rehashes of old works. If you have utilized public domain content for your work, you must acknowledge this. But at the same time, you should also emphasize the changes and additions youve made to differentiate your new infoproduct from its origin. Clearly state as well if your infoproduct is a derivative work or a repackaged version of an old work and then back it up again with what benefits they can expect to enjoy if they purchase your infoproduct.

Tip #4 Numbers do not lie. People often trust statistical data more than they trust their own opinions. Thats why you need to come up with great, real, and most importantly of all, honest numbers to shore up the sales of your infoproducts. Digging for statistics is easier than it seems. You just have to know everything about your infoproduct and use different perspectives until you come up with an impressive and honest set of digits.

These four tips are just something you can start with as you slowly establish your honest marketing campaign. If you wish to learn more comphrensive strategies for honest marketing campaigns, drop by at http://www.usesell.com/p/thehonestmarketer/ and check out The Honest Marketer: A Guide to Ethical Internet Marketing.