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ZOOM to Super Success


New & Creative ways to create an income / Interviewing experts

Did you ever have that wish to get inside the brains of the experts in the marketing business? Whew, if you could do that, then you would be the highest and richest business man in town. Think of summing all the creative ideas up from the experts who are endlessly competing and rising.

Well, here is how you can quickly and effortlessly tap into the brains of these Internet marketing experts usefully without having to waste your time, effort, and money on the rehashed ebooks and unsuccessful tools and resources.

Your one and only sure way to success on the Internet is the ZOOM to Super Success. You can find all the secrets in this book. This is easy to read on because it has a shortcut of the tricks and tips. You will never have to read through a lot. The secrets and success can be found all in one book.

This is your rare chance to join the elite Internet marketers which allows you to earn extraordinary income because they have created a Pattern of Excellence and easy steps to do the right thing at the right time. Now, finally you are going to be able to knock into the brains, minds, and steps of this elite group of well-known and famous Internet marketers who are the role models of success.

How much is precise information worth to you and your online business company? This is something you should consider in starting out with new strategies.

Say for example you could have the 50 Top Internet Marketers as your private advisers or coaches within the next few minutes. These specialists are prepared to spill out their information and knowledge for you so you can apply the tips. Now, will you be able to create and implement their ideas from the console and assurance of your own residence to increase the success of your online business?

Now, can you imagine that you no longer need to undergo the pain of trying out all the marketing strategies that are unproductive and don’t work? Picture the sum of time and money you will be allowed to save? You can now zoom in on the line of attack that surely works! You will no longer have to attend school hours and try out the sample methods.

The best and fastest way to create an income is by interviewing the top experts. The benefits that you will need in order to come up with the best strategies are here in this book. There are so many immediate benefits you will receive if you read through this book.

You will benefit from getting the top rankings in the major search engines on the Web such as Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista, and MSN. You will discover new ways on how to optimize your targeted keywords with the means of the basic ranking strategies that are on the line.

You can stop wasting your money and time on all of the rehashed ebooks that dont help you with Internet Marketing and strategies. They will just eat up your time instead of helping you gain a promotion. You will now discover the most effective and practical strategies that come from the experts.

You can get the targeted traffic to come to your web site. Visitors will keep visiting your products and services. Its amazing to know and find out that they are willing and ready to buy because they know exactly what you are offering.

You will get your boots inspired and be motivated with the stories and experiences that these featured experts and marketers have shared and explained, which come from their own boots too.

You can use only the little time that you need in order to succeed with the role-modeling from these Internet Marketing experts. Get ideas from among the 50 experts who have unselfishly shared their strategies and ideas on their own techniques and unique business and Internet Marketing strategies all-in-one.

The end of the product will be worth the wait because it extremely goes beyond the limits, so you will gain a lot of information. Everything you need is in here and it is not necessary to look for more. This is a very enriching read as long as you absorb everything. You will find a lot of interesting, different aspects from the different experts.

Plus, you get to follow the advice, knowledge, and experiences that are worth a golden treasure in Internet Marketing.

Trusting the experts is something that is very important because it will guide you all throughout the process, especially if you are just starting out.

4 Tips on How to Convert Video Infoproducts into Profit

4 Tips on How to Convert Video Infoproducts into Profit

If a person was given a choice to read, listen, or watch a story, most people would choose to watch the story to come to life. Watching a movie or video is easier than reading and listening because it allows you to use various senses simultaneously, which makes understanding the story easier and more fun. If youve created an video infoproduct, you already have an immediate advantage over those selling ebooks and audio infoproducts. Now, the only thing to do next is converting that advantage to profit.

4 Tips on How to Convert Video Infoproducts into Profit

Tip #1 Create a trailer. People rarely buy a book without reading the back cover teaser and excerpt. CD stores nowadays have built listening stations so people may sample albums before buying them. As for your video infoproducts, you should also give people a visual taste of what youre offering by creating a professional trailer.

The trailer for your video infoproduct should be short but entertaining. It must be fast paced but able at the same time to deliver a clear and concise message of the essential elements of your video infoproduct. Make appropriate use of voice-over narration, background music, and textual overlays.

Tip #2 Use subtitles and make sure your customers know it. One of the reasons why watching movies on DVDs are better than the old VCD format is due to the automatic inclusion of subtitles. The use of subtitles allows viewers to understand everything thats happening even if they missed out on what the characters are saying. Not all of your customers will have the time to devote themselves to watching your video infoproduct and your subtitles will ensure that theyll be able to get the message being delivered even if their attention strays for several seconds.

Secondly, the use of subtitles will allow you to penetrate the international market as well. If you are conversant in other languages, offer subtitles in those languages to increase the size of your target market.

When adding subtitles to your video infoproducts, make sure you use the appropriate font type and size for viewers to be able to read them easily but without turning them into a visual impediment to watching the video.

Tip #3 Offer two ways for your customers to acquire the infoproduct. Firstly, offer them instant access through download. This is for the benefit of customers who are always on the go and would appreciate having their purchases delivered immediately to their hard drives once their payments have been confirmed.

Secondly, offer your customers the chance to have the hard DVD copy of your video infoproduct right to their doorstep. This is for the benefit of customers who still doubt the legitimacy of online commerce. It is not your job to tell them otherwise but it is your job to cater to their demands. The market is already there, waiting for just a tap from the right seller. Take advantage of it!

Tip #4 Create a sales letter about the video infoproduct and include this in the next issue of your e-newsletter. Post it on your website as well. The sales letter must directly address the reader by using the words like you and your. It must have a conversational tone but provide great information about your video infoproduct. It must also include bulleted points about what customers can expect from your video infoproduct.

Those four tips will help you go a long way in selling your video infoproduct. If, on the other hand, you wish to know more about the creation aspect of video infoproducts, visit http://theinfoproductcreationmanual.com/index.shtml to read more about The Information Product Manual.

5 Tips for Effective Ebook Selling

Ebooks are one of the best products a person can sell. Think about it. An ebook is something you only have to pay for or work hard on once. After that, you can sell it as many times as you want and unless you sell the resell rights to your ebooks, buyers will only be able to obtain copies of your work but not the right to resell them.

Ebooks therefore has the potential of becoming an unlimited source of income, especially if you take note of the following suggestions.

Tip #1 Work on your content. No matter how excellent your market it, if the ebook is truly worthless then word-of-mouth will reach the ears of prospective customers sooner or later and youll end up with an ebook that people wont pick up even for free. Work on your content before anything else. If you have something to say but you dont have the ability to say it right then hire a ghostwriter. The way content is styled matters greatly, too. Styling is what causes diamonds on the rough to glow like the first-rate gemstones they are.

Tip #2 Work on the design and marketing aspects of your ebook. Firstly, the font style must be appropriate. It must be clear and easy to read and look good at the same time. Although font effects are adjustable with ebooks, why put your customers to trouble when you can make sure they can conveniently read your work from page one to finish? Choose a great title for your ebook one thats easy to recall and understand. Besides providing a table of contents, consider providing your readers a glossary at the end of the ebook. Give your chapters titles, too, if you can. Lastly, work on the cover. People still judge books by appearance so make sure you give something to impress.

Tip #3 Make it convenient for your readers to purchase the ebook. Downloading of the book should be offered 24/7. Its best to use an automated system with this kind of offers. Readers will appreciate it more if you can promise them delivery of their ebook orders within a given amount of time. Make sure you also accept as many types of payment methods possible. Remember: if you dont take care of your customers, someone else will!

Tip #4 Give your readers the option to avail of a hard copy of your ebook. Your market is not entirely made up of technologically savvy individuals. Many of them are most probably still in doubt of the stability of online businesses. These people are certainly unwilling as well to purchase ebooks if that means reading something they cant actually hold. Even if you promise them great content, as long as they dont get something in exchange of the money they pay you for then they wont bite.

Thats why you need to offer a chance to avail of the hard copy of your ebook. You can give them this by burning your ebook on a CD or any other storage device. Remember to package the CD accordingly and provide them with a warranty to better convince them that youre not pulling their leg with your product.

Tip #5 Always offer customers the means to contact you. This will assure them that you have no intentions of running away with their money.

For more valuable tips about selling ebooks, do visit http://use-sell.com/p/d2p/index.shtml and check out the bestselling ebook Digital 2 Physical.

How to write, sell and promote an ebook – Part

How to write, sell and promote an ebook – Part 2

Writing isnt always an easy task, especially for those who are not that familiar with writing styles that can attract readers.

Attracting readers is not an easy task either. When writing your ebook, try to research about topics which you think has a great effect on many people, something that is regularly used but hardly ever talked about.

Like for example, almost 80 percent of the world population uses computers, but only half of them know how to use them properly or troubleshoot simple errors with them. Some of them do not know the hidden attributes and features that their computers have.

And when certain errors occur, we go to technicians or online support that has ideas on how this thing works, instead of doing it ourselves because of the lack of knowledge that we have about these things.

These kinds of topics makes people scramble around to get a hold of your ebooks.

You can check online for some good materials you can start with. I usually check their reliability by verifying their listing with the Google search engine.

To do this, simply type the URL or the web address of your resource site into the keyword space on the Google search engine homepage. Then click search; if they are listed in the results, that means that you are getting a good site.

If no results are processed, that means that the site you are getting information from is probably unreliable or simply quoted as SPAM sites.


The title of your ebooks also has a great effect on the sales and promotion of your ebooks, so be very choosy about your titles.

Always remember that titles sells ebooks. Ebook titles should be brief and catchy. Grab your readers attention; it often happens that an ebook has great content and even a great sales pitch, but their titles are dismal and boring, which will lead to them selling poorly.

Tap into your readers interest. Always keep in mind that you are not writing only for yourself, but for your readers as well. Always have them in mind when writing.

So, how do you do this? Simply by identifying what that interest is and clearly communicating this in your title.

For example, you’ve selected dieting as your ebook subject area – and you discover that what your market is really interested in right now is diets that are not dangerous to their health.

Your title could be something like:

WARNING: What You Dont Know about South Beach Diets That May Hurt You.

When working with your ebook title, create anticipation; dont directly discuss everything and make your title too long and boring. You can also put emphasis on the words that may elicit reactions from your readers.

Having read those entire how to write ebooks stuff, I assume that you already have certain points of view on how to start writing your ebooks. But handling an ebook project is not just about writing and doing extravagant thinking about its title.

Writing ebooks and selling then also needs some promotion. So how do you sell and promote an ebook? Ebooks can be sold either offline and online, but selling ebooks started out on the Internet market first.

First thing is to write your 36 second tell and sell. You only have a few seconds to impress your buyers, so make use of it and dont waste any time talking about crap. When promoting your ebooks, include your title, a few benefits, and the audience.

Add some interesting and sound words above your tell and sell. Make your billboards stand out on your sites and promotional materials.

Secondly, you should write your sales letter before you write your ebook. Your sales letter is used to promote your ebook either by email or via your Web site and it needs to fill your potential buyers’ wants and needs. Include compelling ad copy, features, testimonials, and a small blurb about you, the author. If your potential buyer likes it, they will buy on the spot.

When writing your ebook, always think about your buyer, talk about his resistances, problems, and challenges. Come up with ebook material that can fully relate to your audience’s life experiences.

Always remember to design every part of your eBook to be a sales tool and a beacon that brings out your best. Your book can sell to thousands, even hundreds of thousands when you design it correctly.

How to write, sell and promote an ebook – Part

How to write, sell and promote an ebook – Part 3

Another problem that most ebook authors encounter is the pricing scale of the material. When selling your ebooks, sell it at a price that you think it deserves.

Make your topic precise up to the last details so that you will know who your audiences are, making it easier for you to come up with a price that you think they can afford. The price of your ebook should not exceed the financial capabilities of your buyers.

When a person thinks that your ebook is too expensive, it will not sell well. When doing your pricing research, always have your buyers financial capabilities in mind.

Always keep in mind that the number of pages of your ebook does not affect your pricing quotes. I’ve always believed that the quantity of words does not make an ebook more reliable. It is the whole content that matters.

So no matter what the size of your ebook is, if you think that it has something good to offer, then mark it with a good price that you think you and your buyers can mutually profit from.


We may say that the majority of people who uses the Internet are honest, but you must accept the fact that some people will try their best to steal your products.

For this particular reason, it is important that you take some measures to ensure that your product is not being illegally copied or distributed.

Copyright logos are not enough to keep your ebooks secured; even signatures can easily be altered and erased.

So what is the best way to make my ebook secure? Simply have it registered; a registered copyright can get legal action if those ebooks are ever stolen. If you haven’t formally registered the work, then legally
seeking compensation can be much more difficult.

If you are hesitant about paying fees or financially lack the ability to register your copyrighted ebooks, then there are also other ways to put a mark on your ebook materials.

One way is to include your copyright statement at the bottom of every page of your book and your website and every document that you write that has something to do with your ebook.

Including a copyright statement is no guarantee that your work will not be stolen. It’s also no assurance that you’ll be able to recover royalties or loss of earnings from someone who infringes on your copyright.

But the good thing about having copyright statements on your ebook is that it marks your documents with legal assurances that whatever happens or wherever your documents go, it will be known that it was made by you.

It is also a good idea to designate an early page in your ebook for the sole purpose of displaying your copyright terms and statement.

Another good thing to do is to make a copy of your ebook in three forms: printed; on a diskette; on a CD-ROM. Put these three materials inside an envelope and have it mailed bearing your name as the recipient, via registered mail.

Then keep the receipt for the mail and when the package arrives at your home, put it in a safe place with the receipt without opening it. This is proof that you have the document in your possession on the date stated on the mail receipt.

If you have done this strategy before your ebook has gone live, then nobody should have a copy of your work before that day.

Here are some other pointers on how to boost the sales of your ebooks and make real good money.

Allow other publishers to have an excerpt of your ebook on their sites, allowing you more exposure. You can also make extra profits by making and selling monthly updates of your ebook.

You can also charge people a cheap price to read half of your ebook, and if they like it, you can just charge them the rest of the amount for the whole ebook. When doing this, make sure to have some of those important catchy sentences cut off and have a quote in there saying, continued in the full version.

You can also offer freebies that are related to your ebooks. Just remember the following information you have read in this article and surely youll be on your way to a good ebook project that will really sell well in the Internet market.

Just believe in yourself and be patient; results in of industry are quite slow to come. But when the results arrive, they come by the lump-full.

How to create an online tutorial center

Information technology is promoting essential transformation on how we teach students and have them learn anything and everything. Barriers of instance and position are dropping as technology and machinery offer innovative choices and infinite opportunities for the students and the educators as well. For over the last 20 years or so, American schools have applied, reserved, and utilized remote learning tools to improve and augment the students’ educational chances and opportunities.

Satellite, cable, microwave, and broadcast television first gave our students access to some courses not otherwise obtainable in their home schools. Lately, multimedia Internet-based innovation and technologies have provided even more influential and powerful options for education and learning at a distance.

Online tutorial centers are very useful to those who are distant and want to save money. But is what you know really enough to create an online tutorial center which can give students the best education ever? If you are planning to put up an online tutorial center, you should have a lot of resources.

You must come up with the latest and trendiest resources available on the market. It should be equal and balanced to the learning that can be acquired in schools. An online tutorial center should be reliable and effective since it is not only a second option for customers, but it should be the first and best option and tool for remote and home learning.

If you want to start your online tutorial learning center, you will need a copywriter to write significant ebooks for your site which the students will be using. The ebooks should be informative and easy to follow for your students.

There are a lot of ways to come up with a good online tutorial center, especially if you are a beginner. You can use the Ultimate Follow Up Toolbox to create your own online business.

With virtually all schools now linked to the Internet, districts, states, and individual schools continue to adopt online courses to enlarge their curriculum.

The appeal of online tutorials is apparent and they can boost the variety of course contributions obtainable to all students as well as present instructive and enlightening access to particular students.

In addition, tutorial centers provide an option and method of teaching and training, one that adults are ever more using for both professional and individual expansion. The number of students participating in online tutorials is huge and attendance is climbing. One estimate is that 30,000 high school students have taken online tutorials and others who have earned a degree have continued their studies via online learning.

When all sorts of online tutorials or online alternatives are well thought-out, the number of people connected can be 50,000 or even more.

It is expected that in the years to come, all types of education and learning can be learned online. With the ever-growing competition, it is important that you keep guidelines and quality tutorials that are useful to your clients and customers.

In order to compete wisely, you can take the advice of experts who have long been in the business for years. They know the best strategies and ways on how to make online tutorial centers a sure hit.

You should keep up with the latest innovations and the identified standards so that you can provide your readers and students with at least the minimum standards, if not more.

Ultimate Follow Up Toolbox is made available for your greatest resource in the online marketing business. This tool offers a lot of advantages and benefits that will surely offer your site the promotion you want with less effort and in less time. If you purchase this, you will have more chances of staying on top and never falling behind. The online tutorial center is your ultimate source for sales and income, so you should never risk it but do what it takes to make it successful.

Last, but not least, you will of course need a website. Make a fast-loading site that is simple yet creative. Put details about all your courses on the homepage and write down all the benefits your online tutorial center has to offer.