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New & Creative ways to create an income / Create

New & Creative ways to create an income / Create a collection of tips and tricks

Can you make money on the Internet and the World-Wide Web? Certainly. Thousands of other small business people are making money and saving money right now in this new communications medium.

You just need time to get to know the Internet and develop a strategy.

To create an income online, start to think a little different. Think of something you can to do while youre enjoying the internet. Remember, you dont need to be an expert in business to gain profit. Even a newbie can create an extra income online.

Generally, you dont really need to have your own your website to make money online. Creating your own website might be too costly for you. All you need however is to create your own strategies with a mix of marketing programs that is right for you. Your preferences will depend upon your goals and strategies.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to create an income online without having a website.

1. Launch an Affiliate Product

Choose a product to promote where you make good commission on each sale. Nowadays, digital products are the most in demand. Its a sure bet that you will get high commission on these products. Examples of these digital products are those that are downloaded directly to a customer’s computer after purchasing, like electronic books or software.

You need to be wise on selecting your affiliate, since they will create a sales force for your product.

2. Get a domain name

Get a domain name to redirect to your affiliate link. Search for your domain name in the internet. Some provide paid ones, which youll only pay for as low as $9. Your chosen domain name will allow you to redirect your domain name to your affiliate link at no extra cost.

So when someone types in your domain in their browser, it will go to your affiliate link. The visitor will see the website with the product you promote.

Theres a need for you to get a domain name, because it will make you look more reliable.

A domain name will make your affiliate link look like it’s your own website. So generally, you will have a product to promote and a website to send people to and get commissions without really creating your own website. Thats money in an instant!

3. Generate Free Traffic

In order to make sales, you need to get visitors to your website. One of the best ways is to drive free traffic online.

The most effective way to get free targeted visitors to your website is to write articles online. Write short articles that are themed with what you are promoting. At the end of the article, provide an author bio and a link to your site.

You will then publish your articles to various websites, and allow them to publish your articles as long as your link is included. Your articles will get published in many places on the Internet, and your site will be advertised. Consumers will read your articles, then if interested they can click on your domain name link ready to buy.

Aside from articles, you can also write blogs. This is a bit easier to do, since you just share your thoughts and resources. You can do this several times a day. You just need to choose some keywords that will serve as anchor text that links to your site.

Another creative way of creating money online is to through press releases. Press releases spread the word about your business and create additional contacts for those that are interested in your business.

Lastly, you can also do is to participate in forums. Since a lot of people enjoy forums, youll get the chance to have your website promoted.

Being active in online forums is establishes you as an authority on your subject, and increases points of contact with potential prospects. Also, adding a signature after every posting increases exposure to your site and communicates your marketing message.

Those are just the basic ways of creating money online. Keep in mind those tips and for sure your business will be a hit!


Michael Rasmussen and Tom Dahne’s SMASS Safelist Submitter


How to use safe lists and what to avoid

The True Meaning of Opt-in

These days, even proactively signing up for a list isn’t considered good enough. After all, anybody can fill in a Web form or send an E-mail request with your E-mail address.

Responsible list owners want to ensure that their subscribers consist of only those people who want to join. Aside from the obvious spam approach of using harvested addresses, it’s all too easy for people with a malicious agenda to sign someone up for lots of lists (for example, to “mail bomb” the unsuspecting user with thousands of pieces of unexpected E-mail,) a common form of Internet revenge.

Opt-in is a process in which the mailing list software gets a positive confirmation from the E-mail address that has requested the subscription. This will confirm that the E-mail address really exists and if the person using it really wants to be on the list.

The confirmation usually contains a token, a unique string of characters that can be sent back through E-mail, as part of a URL, or pasted into a specified Web form. The token will prove that the E-mail address owner got the message with the token and wants to be on the specified list. This multi-step process is often referred to as “double opt-in” or “opt-in and confirm.”

True opt-in requires you to send back a confirmation message that includes a unique token or password to defeat an automated sign-up attack, There is a consistent pattern among spammers to call something an opt-in list and everything else as double opt-in. In a spammer’s eyes, opt-in means somebody has signed in for the service, but never confirmed it. This is obviously open to abuse. Real opt-in always has to be confirmed.

More generally, true opt-in requires some form of confirmation. Although E-mail or Web-based confirmation is the most common, it’s also possible to do the confirmations by phone or even snail mail if you have enough trust or knowledge of the confirming parties.

For example, on a private mailing list, they process all add requests by hand, so nobody’s added unless he explicitly requests itby E-mail, phone, running into me somewhere, telling somebody else who tells me, etc., and the “confirmation” pass is my asking anyone who they don’t recognize to provide enough bona fides.

By using SMass, you can advertise your products, services, or affiliate programs by email without fear of being accused of SPAM. Your email messages are only sent to people who have subscribed to double opt-in safelists; therefore you’re reaching an audience of recipients who’ve requested your messages.

Using the submitter is easy; you simply join the safelists, type in your email message, click a button, and your message is automatically sent to many thousands of double opt-in recipients, 100% Spam Free!

When you purchase your copy of SMass today, we’ll supply you with a list of double opt-in safelists which are compatible with our software so you can start your email campaign immediately.

The following sections give you some advice and thoughts from experienced list-runners:

Saying a list is “opt-in” doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Some spammers have been known to put up a Web-based subscription form, simply to have something to point to for when somebody complains I never signed up for the list, they can say – “Here’s our form; you must have signed up.” You should avoid spam; all you need is a legit way to have your list and have a healthy environment for your prospects. Sometimes, you cannot avoid some problems due to a list they have subscribed to but forgot to opt-out.

Subscribers often forget they opted in or don’t want to bother unsubscribing.

Subscribers are often too lazy to unsubscribe and find that it’s easier to submit you to a spam-reporter or blocker. And once you’re on a blacklist, other subscribers are hurt because many blacklists are used as a blunt instrument. What you do to avoid these is to provide your prospects with a mailing list.

A mailing list is a powerful way of reaching out and communicating with people. But, as almost all E-mail users are not companies and do not know that many users, many others would not want to be added to the lists. They will be forced to opt-out to get off the list.

This is to deliberately but explicitly ask them to add opt-in to their list.


James Jackson’s Quick Page Generator


How to use Public Domain works for profit

If you are new to marketing online, there are a lot of things you will know in the long run.

But if you are already an experienced specialist, for sure, you are aware that increasing traffic to your website is not an easy job.

You are almost certain that you already know that the search engines are the best and only free way to get additional targeted visitors coming to your website.

This simply means your website needs to have quite a few pages of related content.

The more unique your content is, the more improved your site will be because the principal search engine in the world, which is Google, is the source of the biggest percentage of all search engine traffic and uniqueness is one of the standards they use when taking into account how high your site will rank.

Getting a few articles from some of the ezine article directory will not be as effective as it used to be because you are only copying the content that is likely available from perhaps hundreds of other websites on the Internet.

These content affluent pages are obtainable for everyone to use for a number of reasons, including sellable expansion which is evidently outlined under the Public Domain policies of the United States copyright laws.

Although Public Domains can be useful tools in earning profits, you will need to follow some policies and rules.

The first policy states that you can legally reproduce any part of books, films, art works, and manuscripts in the early years before 1923. Meaning you can copy each and every word in the books which comes from public domain.

Find a public domain book which is relevant and similar to the market that you are targeting.

With the help of the Quick Page Generator, you will be able to make corrections of the pages displayed on your website. You wont really need to check it from the top to the bottom. This shortens your job in checking and proofreading.

A lot of experts in the Internet marketing field have used public domains wisely for their websites. After doing so, they have noticed their sales have gone higher and they are getting high traffic from their sites. This is the reason why most web site companies have adopted the strategy to their own sites.

You will find out how to come up with hundreds of more article thoughts and ideas every day of the week.

These article thoughts are so influential that they oblige people to read through them and make you free money in the process. That is why a piece of writing is so prevailing. Not only do you get free and high traffic, but you can probably earn thousands of dollars in sales from the development of articles and public domains. With Quick Page Generator, you will never have to spend hours in writing.

The Quick Page Generator will provide you with the absolutely fastest way to writing a winning article. Whether you believe it or not, there are only two main factors that will determine whether your piece of writing is so good that no other publisher can turn it down or make your piece get thrown in the pile along with the rest. This Quick Page Generator will show you how.

It will also illustrate to you how to write your articles faster than your opposition every time. By the time you finish reading this ebook, you will be trained on how to write influential articles in no less than 45 minutes and that includes the distribution to online publishers.

You will find out how to discover thousands of publishers who have been dying for your radiant articles every day. Publishers are accurately searching for writers and good quality content to launch to their subscribers and good readers.

You will become skilled at how to make the best use of your free traffic. There is really no use in having thousands of people coming to your web site unless you know how to obtain the most from them.

Buy this Quick Page Generator and see the wonders. You will never really have to worry about getting your site banned in the search engines either.




How to use one-time offers

One-Time Offers are a very fantastic way of boosting your sales as well as increase them. If you sell an ezine or an ebook, this strategy is a very excellent way of attracting and catching the attention of your customers and clients. This would most likely have an impact on your website and also allow you to promote and advertise it as well. Plus, you will have a wider circle of affiliates and associates.

Who knows, your potential partners may just be waiting for you at any instant. So it is a must that you are prepared ahead of time. With this, you can offer your customers these special offers. You can offer them a real time offer and this will increase your online business sales and products as well.

However, you want each client to buy the offer right away so as to compensate and go with the marketing strategy as planned. So the customer should have a real one-time offer so that she will be obliged to buy the special offer. In addition, she would have the interest in checking and visiting your web site again and again.

These forms of special offers could be in discounts, packages, and many other forms. Like for example you, sell an ebook for $50. You could give a very special discount of lets say, $14. So the tendency of your visitors and customers would be to buy the ebook as soon as possible.

This is just one of the special offers you could formulate. And all of these special and one-time offers can be found and created in one script. This is none other than OTO or One Time Offer.

What it only needs to be able to run on your server is a PHP script and a MySQL database. There are so many things and benefits you can get from this wonderful script. You can create as many special one-time offers as you want and you can show, display, and run them on any server.

Moreover, you can also offer a recommendation option for every One-Time Offer so your visitors and clients can advocate and advise your special offer to their group of friends and acquaintances.

Moreover, you can use your one-time offer in a page or note by means of a javascript code. As a result, you will be able to incorporate and include any HTML code or script to show and display your special one-time offers. Moreover, you can also assign and allocate a URL to a OTO whenever you want to.

In this way, your visitors and clients can click on that one-time offer only once and thats it. Furthermore, the actual or real URL of that link will be hidden and not shown. Also, you will be able to see how many instances and times that your special offer has been displayed.

Additionally, this can serve as a visitors counter. This would eventually count the number of customers or potential clients that have visited your web site. OTO does the job for you without any effort. It automatically gives you the order ratio as well as the number of sales that is predicted and estimated to come out. It divides the number of visitors with the completed sales and actually computes your order ratio. No other solution can be found for you except for OTO. All of these are simply and wonderfully done by one package.

Plus, it gives you a guarantee. You will be given 30 days to test the script yourself. However, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can simply log a refund ticket and you will instantly get your money back. It is that simple.

So if you are planning to have an online business, you can purchase this to further increase your sales in no time. In addition, those who already have their online business going are still advised and recommended that you get this product right away to boost your marketing sales and further promote your deals online immediately.

It does not matter whether you are a newbie or a professional. This can be easily installed. Even a person who does not know much about computers and stuff can install this. The step-by-step instruction allows you to set up the One Time Offer script right away.




How to turn your ideas into cash

Turning Ideas into Income

Steps for Turning Your Idea Into a Product

Got a great idea for an invention but not sure what to do with it? Turn your dream into a marketable product with these easy steps.

The light bulb above your head is glowing so bright that it’s threatening to blind everyone around you. But what should you do with your great invention idea? Before you start blabbing about your invention to the wrong person or run to the first company that offers to buy it, you need to do one thing: Protect it.

Whether you want to produce and market your invention yourself or license it to another company, the only way to make money from your invention and to guarantee that no one will steal your idea is to file a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This can be an intimidating process, so weve broken it down for you in five easy steps.

Document It
Simply having an idea is worthless–you need to have proof of when you came up with the idea for your invention. Write down everything you can think of that relates to your invention, from what it is and how it works to how youll make and market it. This is the first step to patenting your idea and keeping it from being stolen. Youve probably heard about the poor mans patent–writing your idea down and mailing it to yourself in a sealed envelope so you have dated proof of your inventions conception. This is unreliable and unlikely to hold up in court. Write your idea down in a specially designed inventors journal and have it signed by a witness. This journal will become your bible throughout the patent process.

Research your market
Sure, your brother thinks your idea for a new lawn sprinkler is a great idea, but that doesnt mean your neighbor would buy one. More than 95 percent of all patents never make money for the inventor. Before you invest too much time and money into patenting your invention, do some preliminary research of your target market. Is this something people will actually buy? Once you know there’s a market, make sure your product can be manufactured and distributed at a low enough cost so that your retail price is reasonable. You can determine these costs by comparing those of similar products currently on the market. This will also help you size up your competition–which you will have, no matter how unique you think your invention is.

Make a Prototype
Begin with a drawing. Before you begin the prototyping phase, sketch out all of your ideas into your inventors journal. Create a concept mockup out of any material that will allow you to create a 3-D model of your design. Once youre satisfied with the mockup, create a full-working model of your idea. There are many books and kits that can help you create prototypes. If your invention is something that will cost a lot of money or is unreasonable to prototype (like an oil refinery process or a new pharmaceutical drug,) consider using a computer-animated virtual prototype.

If you thought of anything dealing with software, you also need to make an example and get it to work. You can create codes with the help of tools which are available online.

Market Your Invention
Now its time to figure out how youre going to bring your product to market. Create a business plan: How will you get money? Where will you manufacture the product? How will you sell it? Now is a good time to decide if you will manufacture and sell the product yourself or license it for sale through another company.

When you license your product, you will probably only receive two to five percent in royalty fees. This often scares away inventors who feel they deserve more. But consider the upside: You will not have the financial burden associated with maintaining a business. This could end up making you more money in the long run.

Following these five steps will ensure an easy road to patenting your invention. Just remember that an easy road doesnt necessarily mean a short one. From the time you conceive your idea to the time you see your product on the shelf is a very long process. Most inventions take years to come to fruition. Have patience and follow due diligence in your steps to patenting your invention and your years of hard work will finally pay off. A good site which can help you make your ideas into cash is turbomembership.com – just register and you can have free web hosting tools to make profit in no time.


Joe Robson & Louis Allport’s
How To Turn Any Product Into A Bestseller


How to turn any product into a best seller

In a marketplace with tens of millions of different items, clearly you can’t treat them all the same. Even when you divide items into broad categories with similar characteristics, experienced sellers know that each listing requires its own special touches.

So, how are you going to boost your product into a best seller?

A lot of marketers still finds ways to turn their products into a best seller. Especially with online businesses, there are many opportunities wherein you can sell your products and make them a hit for your customers.

The Internet still represents the ultimate opportunity for most people to turn their initiative, a better idea, and a little cash into a legitimate and profitable business.

Of all the e-businesses, e-Bay is one of those who offers the power seller recognition for all sellers to see. This is a great chance for your products to become known and sold.

With the help of e-bay, here are some tips on how to turn your products into a best seller. The following are ideal to all sellers, especially for those who are beginning to build a business. Dont miss any of these opportunities.

1.Focus on a single niche. If you want to sell collectables, then sell only collectables. It is best that consumers recognize you as a specialized seller.

2.Sell only those products that you know well. This is important as youll be able to confidently answer the questions of your customers. And also, your consumer will feel comfortable in dealing with you.

3.Keep in mind the unique selling points. Once you know what sets your product, writing sales copy is a sure bet. Your products might not be brand new and original. Your unique selling points will simply assure you that the products are superior in terms of quality, delivery, value, and variety. Basically, the unique selling point will tell the consumers why they should buy from you.

4.Be competitive. Start offering your best products at a reasonable price. Also state clearly your business policy.

5.Buy in quantity. By doing this you will enjoy more discounts. Thus, youll save big bucks and pass these savings on to your customers.

6.Customers enjoy big savings and other incentives. If possible, you can send your buyers a 10% or 20% off coupon on selected products if they purchase one product. This will persuade consumers to purchase more products.

7.Always make your products appealing to your customers. Most of the customers are enticed to purchase a product if they see them well-presented. Provide some demonstration and display the physical appearance of the products so that they have an idea of what the product is all about.

8.Show off your best-selling items on your home page. A large image of your hottest product, placed somewhere near the top of your main page, will catch buyers’ eyes and prompt viewers to learn more. If you’ve cut the price on the product, include your sale price with the image.

9.Make Goods Accessible. Merchandizing the bulk of your inventory is as important as promoting the big sellers. On the Web, the key to merchandizing your full inventory is to make it possible for shoppers to find what they want in the fewest number of clicks.

10.Customer service is important. Answer questions or inquiries on time because potential customers might be interested in your product. Supply them the right information and start encouraging them to buy your products without hesitation.

11.Think BIG. As your business become more established, search for more wholesale distributors and companies that offers products with lower prices. Having a tight budget is inconvenient for a business. If you have spare cash, it is good if you check out some of the large companies and take advantage of their minimum prices.

12.Be creative. Open your mind for great ideas. If you have an idea that nobody else has tried yet, then go with it. Customers love to see unique ways of selling your products.

13. Stay positive. It takes a while to get there, but you can make it. You need to be patient; dont ever give up.

Just keep in mind that marketing power is all it takes. Your success on making your product a best seller depends on the way you sell it.

With the wide range of products being showcased, the competition never ends. A lot of marketers find ways to make their products a best seller. Especially online, there are many opportunities wherein you can sell your products and make them a hit for your customers.