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Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part II:

Which Targeted Segment Are You Marketing To? Part II:
Lifestyle — Reach Consumers According To Their Habits

In sociology terms, a lifestyle is the manner in which a person or a group lives. This might include patterns of social associations, consumption, leisure, and modes of dress. A lifestyle characteristically also echoes an individual’s attitudes, ethics, or worldview. Having a particular lifestyle suggests either a cognizant or an unaware choice between two or more sets of behaviors.

The following is a partial listing of lifestyles that are found in the 21st century. For the goal of this list, we will define lifestyle as any routines of shared relations, consumption, dress, and recreation, that are significant enough to meaningfully influence the lives of a sector of the population, and therefore can be used as a basis of social classification.

It is worth observing that these are not exacting and well-definied categories. There may be substantial overlap between many of them, and any given person may identify as belonging to more than one group, and enjoying the activities associated with more than one. Into the bargain, many of these categories also contain subclasses and subcultures. Here is a list (non-conclusive, of course!) of major societal groups:

1. General lifestyles — this includes a wide variety,
such as Activism, Back to the land, Hippie, Rural,
Simple Living, and yes, even “Traditional,” whatever
that means!
2. Income- or occupation-based lifestyles
3. Consumption-based lifestyles
4. Lifestyles based on social and political issues
5. Lifestyle classifications used in marketing
6. Military lifestyles
7. Sexual lifestyles
8. Lifestyles based on spiritual or religious preferences
9. Musical subculture lifestyles
10. Lifestyles based on recreation

In business, the term lifestyles provides a means for targeting consumers. Advertisers and marketers are constantly endeavoring to match consumer aspirations with products. Here is a non-conclusive list for the marketing world:

1. Achievers
2. Affluent
3. Belongers (joiners)
4. Early adopters
5. Empty nesters
6. Emulators
7. Opinion leaders
8. Over-consumers
9. Survivors
10. Young singles
11. Yuppies

When promotional activity is shaped around the attitudes, interests, opinions, and way of life of buyers, lifestyle marketing functions best when businesses are able to connect with the manners in which their potential customers live. Consumers are absorbed in a certain way of life, and a savvy lifestyle marketing group will formulate an approach to flawlessly blend in with this way.

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The Profit-Building Link between Web Design and Infoproduct Sales

Many creators of infoproducts mistakenly believe that they only have to ensure the content of their infoproduct is of high value and well-written and money will start pouring in. If only life was really like that then maybe the world will be free from the burden of thousands of starving but talented writers.

If you have a great infoproduct in your hands, thats good! Youve already won half of the battle. The other half, however, depends on how well you market it. And like everything sold in the Internet, all your marketing strategies would revolve around the website. If you have a well-designed website then youre good to go. But if not, then maybe you should start working on it immediately.

Things that Your Website Can Do for Your Infoproducts

Virtual Store A website is where you can display your infoproducts in whatever way you want and however long you wish. Having your own website is very important because it gives you unlimited freedom to advertise about your infoproducts. Selling your infoproducts on eBay can be highly profitable, but why should you content yourself with what eBay has to offer when you can also have another source of income working for you from your website?

Search Engine Connection Without a website, there is nothing for search engine spiders to index. And if you lose that very important connection with search engine spiders then you lose the chance for millions of people to know about your infoproduct!

Multiple Sources of Income The website for your infoproducts will not only earn money from infroproduct sales but it can also generate profit if you use it as an affiliate marketing website. You can also earn money from the advertisers who choose to display their ads on your website. There are just so many ways to earn from your website and people are only limited by their imaginations!

Key Web Design Characteristics to Boost Infoproduct Sales

User-Friendly Your website must be designed for the customers convenience. Links must be clearly visible and always working. The layout must be logically organized so that customers wont have a hard time finding the content theyre interested in. Whenever you upload a new layout, make sure you subject it to a dry run and see what your customers have to say about it. Give yourself a short amount of time to tweak and fine-tune the web design before completely launching it.

Visually Attractive No one in his right mind would choose to visit an ugly-looking website when he has the option to visit a visually attractive site that offers the same content. If there are other infoproducts with similar content to what youre offering, this is the time to make your website your competitive advantage! Your infoproduct might have little differences with the other products in the market but at least you can assure your customers of the utmost comfort and convenience while shopping at your site!

Entertaining Your website doesnt have to be all about your infoproducts. You should also give your visitors a chance to have fun. Entertain your visitors with free games they can play or trivia facts that theyll enjoy reading. Whats important is that they stay longer than usual in your website long enough for them to have second thoughts about passing up on the chance to buy your infoproduct!

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