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New Tool Lets You Try New Niches FAST

So you have a couple of niches you’ve been meaning to try
out, but you just haven’t gotten around to building the
websites yet?
No problem. Now you can build seo sites for ANY niche in
just a few minutes.
And they’re not ordinary sites, either. These are fully
search engine optimized, monetized four different ways and
ready to rock and roll!
And the best part is, you can do it for peanuts.
Now if you’ve got a great idea for a new niche, you can
have that new niche site up TODAY, and you know how success
LOVES speed.
Go ahead, test out your new niches. Test 2, or 10, or 100.
Find the ones that make the most money, and build more of
Heck, this is so simple, my Grandma could do it.*

Why would anybody want 100 websites??

Okay, I admit it.
I thought those people who build site after site to make
some money on Adsense were nuts.
Maybe they are.
After all, the way most people build sites, it would take
forever to build a hundred or more of them.
But that’s the thing… people with a lot of websites have
tools that build the sites FOR THEM.
That’s how they get so many sites, all making them money.
They make a few bucks on Adsense on each site, make a few
affiliate sales through Clickbank, make some affiliate
commission with Amazon, etc.
And they do this on every site, every month.
So sure, they’re going to make money.
And sure, it makes sense if you’ve got some fancy
high-priced software that does the work for you.
But what about you and me?
Do we have to spend thousands to create a hundred (or 500)
sites ourselves?
Not anymore. In fact, if you’ve ever been curious about
whether or not YOU could make money with these kinds of
sites, then this is for you…
It’s a website builder that not only builds great looking
search optimized sites, but it also costs peanuts compared
to all the others.
And it flat out WORKS at making Adsense income, Ebay
income, Amazon income, Clickbank income, etc.
Check it out, it’s a no-brainer for any serious online
Wondering where you’ll get the CONTENT for your 100 or so
That’s covered, too.
And when I say 100 sites, you can build how ever many (or
few) you want.
It’s all up to you.

Web-challenged goofball creates 14 sites in 2 hours

My friend Bob isn’t the brightest tool in the shed when it comes to doing ANYTHING online, so I was STUNNED when he
emailed today and said he’d built 14 websites in less than 2 hours.
I figured he was joking, but he sent me the url’s and I have to say they’re pretty great looking sites.
PLUS, he’s got them optimized for Adsense, Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank. SMOOTH!
He’s got articles, RSS, search engine optimized pages, you
name it.
Can you imagine my surprise?
This is the same guy who still forgets to BCC when he emails out to several people at once!
And now he’s telling me he built these 14 different money-making sites in 14 different niches himself…
…this just couldn’t be true.
So I called him and drilled him on the phone until he FINALLY told me his secret.
The kicker is the price; that something costing so little can do so much… crazy.
And refreshing, too.
So the question is, can you beat my friend’s record of 14 sites in 2 hours?
I’m betting you can…*